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Monday, July 29, 2013

Was there a surfeit of manure in Lochalpin when these guys were born?

As you know. I have been getting a lot of male…oops sorry...mail, recently from a lot of Wolves. At least that is what they call themselves, this bunch of bandits who protect Lochalpin glen.

I was astonished receiving, not the letter, but the card, to see there was one guy no-one had any idea about, Big Tam. But there, at least he’s here now...the now, or the noo, as they say in Scotland.  And, not just  him, we are finally hearing from Shug.

I didn’t know the guys could get any taller but Shug, it seems, has proved me wrong.

SIX FOOT TEN!  Aw, c'mon Shehanne... even I don't believe that!! Mind you, I do have some light bulbs that need replacing ...

The Lochalpin men, like the MacDonalds of Glencoe who helped inspire His Judas Bride, Shehanne Moore’s forthcoming release, are mostly tall.  Their gorgeous leader is probably one of the smallest at 6 feet. I think we can forgive him given what Shehanne says about him. Well Shey, most women say size doesn't matter. Hmmm.
Anyway you can see Shug is giving us another teaser AND we also have another picture of Lochalpin, 
...not to mention a terrific GIVEAWAY?

Yes. Every person who leaves a comment on my posts about the Brotherhood of the Wolves between now and release day on August 2nd, will have their name put in a hat and I will draw three lucky winners who will each get a $10 Amazon Gift Card (hopefully used to purchase a copy of His Judas Bride).

 And there’s the promise of more teasing snippets to come from some of the other players in the story. Oh no, I'm salivating again. And again!

If, however, you simply can't wait - visit Shehanne's web site HERE for more sneaky peekies. Not only can you read more at Shehanne's web site, but you can see more pictures of the Brotherhood of Wolves on their own Pinterest board. Just click HERE.

Ask Shehanne Moore for more details:


  1. Love the character letters, keep them coming

    fencingromein at hotmail dot com

    1. Hey Shannon. Glad you're enjoying hearing about Shehanne's characters. The book will be out on August 2nd, and available via Amazon and all good online bookstores. You'll love it!

  2. Shanne. thanks so much for stopping by. Sorry not to reply before but just back from a short break...all arranged before I knew this was coming out. Glad you are liking the boys....

  3. Hi Noelle, I'm really enjoying your posts! These characters are intriguing! I'm really looking forward to reading the book - not long to go now! I loved Flint but perhaps the Black Wolf will replace him in my affections......

    Lorraine C

  4. Lora! Lovely to see you here. I am sure you can have both!!

  5. Ps Lora you would recognise the island.....we have passed it often enough