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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Book Review - 'Finding Veronica' by Louise Forster

'Finding Veronica' by Louise Forster

This book is refreshingly original, both in story and in writing style.

I felt so at home with the honest Australian characters - from the two main protagonists, to the dear little old ladies for whom butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. We all know people just like the characters in Finding Veronica. They were real, warts and all, quirky, oddball and sometimes, flawed.

I also resonated with the Australian accents, vernacular, and colloquialisms. The author, Louise Forster, has skillfully taken a slice of everyday life, and put it down on paper.

Forster has captured the eccentricities of everyday characters in a small country town, and created cameo appearances for almost everyone; from the local volunteer fireman, to the undertaker, and the CWA. She has then woven them through a rollicking good yarn full of intrigue, mystery and romance.
Louise Forster
The two main characters, Jennifer and Cal, are extremely likeable and the reader has no trouble feeling for them during the ups and downs of their relationship.

But best of all, this book is funny! Laugh out loud funny! I really enjoyed its originality, the wonderful characters, and the writer's ability to create a sense of fun.

'Finding Veronica' is available at Amazon.