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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Season to Remember - Christmas Anthology blog tour - #4

A micro-story exclusively for you:

This blog tour brings very special people together. People who would never normally meet. Continuing on our theme of delving deep into the psyche of our characters from the forthcoming Christmas anthology - A Season to Remember - today we will visit the cold, windswept south coast of England in the early 1800s where Peter from 'Three Ships' meets Nick from 'A Touch of Christmas'.

Peter Winter wished he was anywhere but here. What a horrid way to spend Christmas Day, he thought. He hated leaving the lighthouse at any time, but should a ship founder on this special day because he was hob-knobbing it with these out-of-towners, well…  He shook his head.

The visitors certainly looked strange. They wore odd clothes, and their pallor made them look ill. Except the big male.

“Mr. Winter? I’m Nick Madigan. So glad you could come.”

Peter looked up to see a friendly, tanned face before him, smiling warmly. This man looked human. He took the proffered hand and squeezed it.

“Yes, well. Thank you for inviting me. Although I can’t stay long, you know. My daughter is on her own at the lighthouse and I mustn’t miss the tide.” He felt in his waist coat pocket for his fob watch. “Once the tide turns, we’re cut off over there on St Joseph’s Rock, you know.”

“I know, Mr. Winter. We won’t keep you long. We just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for the ships in these parts. And to wish you a Happy Christmas, of course.” Nick took hold of the older man’s elbow. “Come now, let’s have a rum. I’ll make sure you get home safely.” Nick led him over near the bar.

The rum trickled down his gullet, warming him from the inside out. Laura, his daughter, wouldn’t let him drink too much. But Nick Madigan kept refilling his glass without even asking.

“These ships of yours,” he squinted at Nick, looking for any sign that he was being made fun of. “You say they are ships of the sky? That they can fly?”

Nick’s smile was charming. “Yes, sir. They’re called space ships. But they, too, rely on similar life-saving beams as your lighthouse. Without such reliable navigation beacons, many of the spaceships would founder.”

Peter felt as though he must have drunk too much rum and was dreaming. “Really? Ships that fly?” He cleared his throat. “Well, son. You better tell me about yourself and how you came to be…flying in the oceans in the sky.”

Nick topped up his glass again. “You have deduced I—we are not from your time but I am an Earthman from—some time in the future. Mankind has made huge advances in science, including machines that allow us to fly to the stars. It seems we managed to slip through time on this trip and landed here. Your lighthouse beacon drew us to safety through that terrible storm.”

Nick raised his glass to Peter and offered a toast. “Thank you for your dedication in keeping even space mariners safe.”

They drank and Nick refilled their glasses for a fourth, or was it fifth time?

“So, do you have much of a problem with smugglers on this stretch of coast?”

Peter gave a sly grin. “I don’t have a problem with them. But they do have a problem with me.”

A conspiratorial smile spread across Nick’s face also, in anticipation of a tale to come. He wasn’t disappointed.

Another glass of rum each was consumed by the men over the course of the tale.

“Not that I can take all the credit, mind. I had the help of my very brave daughter and a Royal Navy Lieutenant, oh beg your pardon, he's a Commander now.”

“I can see that you’re very proud of your daughter,” Nick observed.

“Aye, that I am.”

Perhaps it was the amount of rum he’d consumed but there was something in Nick’s face which told him he could be trusted with a confidence.

“I have to confess being a bit concerned for Laura,” he said, leaning in a little. “She’s a fine girl but it hasn’t been easy since her mother died. I’m glad  she’ll be marrying a good man.

“Are you married, Nick?”

The spaceman seemed to stand taller and Peter recognised the look of pride in his face. He wore it too whenever he was asked about his wife.

“I am—and to the captain of the very ship that brought us here.”

“A woman captain! She is someone I definitely want to meet. Is she from Earth’s future too?”

“Yes. Earth will suffer dark times but with the help of Andra’s race, our planet will survive and prosper. Never underestimate a woman’s capabilities. Your daughter is a strong, intelligent woman like my wife.”

“Aye, that she is.”

Nick pushed his glass away and looked at the device he wore on his wrist. “Thank goodness they are on our side. I should return to our ship. If you like, I’ll bring Andra over to your lighthouse to meet Laura later this evening.”

“Tide’s up then. You won’t be able to make the crossing.”

“Ah, high tide won’t be a problem for us so long as you’ve a small, clear area for a vehicle about the size of that coach.”

Peter looked through the window and grinned. “Never tell me ye have a smaller flying ship inside that big one? Well, I never...”

Nick held out his hand and shook Peter’s. “Shall we say around eight o’clock?”

Thank you to Elizabeth Ellen Carter - author of Three Ships, and Susanne Bellamy, author of A Touch of Christmas, for contributing to this very special and exclusive micro-story of the meeting of two mariners.

On November 28th, you'll be able to download your free gift copy of A Season to Remember, and enjoy four stories full of romance, adventure, love, and Christmas. Stay tuned for the download link..

A Season to Remember

four Australian authors  -  four unique stories about Christmas

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Novel Approach to Marriage - meet Eva Scott & G.W. Gibson

One of the perks of being an author is that one can hide behind a nom de plume, or author/pen name, with almost total anonymity. For many authors, it gives them freedom to write what they want without fear of their personal lives being judged. I read somewhere recently that writers of erotic romance often get asked by people – usually family – “do you really do that in bed?” One savvy author replies, “If I was a crime writer, do you think I’d murder people?”

And so, history shows that many writers have hidden behind assumed names. Take Henry Handel Richardson, for example. Author of the acclaimed classic, The Getting of Wisdom. Henry’s real name was Ethel.

Or Aussie classic author, Miles Franklin, author of My Brilliant Career, whose real name was Stella Maria Miles Franklin.

But what about husband and wife authors?

There have been many couples who share their love of writing, either as separate entities or in collaboration. Here are a few examples:

• The script for the 2009 movie – Away We Go – was written by husband and wife duo Vendela Vida and Dave Eggers. (Dave Eggers, by the way, was a keynote speaker at this year’s Brisbane Writers’ Festival.)
• The dynamic duo behind many outstanding movies and books are husband and wife team, Nora Ephron and Nicholas Pileggi.
• Who knew that Stephen King’s wife, Tabitha King, is also an author? Add to that, their two sons are also authors.
• Want more? Frankenstein author, Mary Shelley was married to poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, and her parents just happened to be Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin.
• Famous novelists in their own right, husband and wife Joan Didion and John Gregory Dunne were both regulars in the New York Times bestseller lists.
• What about those catchy songs from the movie, Frozen? Yep, husband and wife team Kristen Anderson-Lopez and husband Robert Lopez penned those.

Eva Scott

And so now, living in a little slice of heaven in bayside Brisbane, I can reveal a husband and wife author team who are set to make a huge mark in the world.

Eva Scott is a romance author, focussing on both contemporary and historical, and her other half, G.W. Gibson, has just signed his first contract with Secret Cravings Publishing. His contemporary romance book, Queen of Speed, was released on Friday 26 September.
G.W. (Guy) Gibson

Eva and Guy, welcome to my blog!

Q. Eva, how do you feel having another writer living under your roof?

I love it! We spend hours talking about each other’s plots and characters. Our house is populated with imaginary friends. And it’s great having another person in the room who gets why an Oxford comma can be so important.

Q. Guy, your life is full of big machinery, open-cut mining, teaching, and your beloved Harley motorcycle. How did you end up being a romance writer?

Nothing Eva writes leaves without my eyes having visited it at least twice. I would jot down story lines for her to consider. Instead she encouraged me to try my hand and the rest as they say is history.

Q. Guy, tell me about the inspiration for your female motorcycle racer, Penny McIntyre.

There is no single inspiration for Penny. Rather she is a blend of traits from different women who I know, worked with and admire for their strength, professionalism and determination.

Q. You know, my sister (I won’t say her age but she’s in her sixth decade on this planet), rides a 600cc bike all over Australia. She loves it. Do you think Queen of Speed will appeal to both female and male readers, for both the romance element and also the motorcycle storyline?

Gee I hope so. It was important for me to blend enough romance and enough action to appeal to both sides of the fence. I think that part of the brief was met.

Q. Eva, do you find having such a kindred spirit right there with you helps the muse to kick in?

When I get stuck on plot or something just doesn’t feel right I have someone there who can suggest a dozen different ways to handle it. He’s as invested in the outcome as I am. As a result I rarely ever get the dreaded writer’s block.

Q. Eva, you write very successfully as both a contemporary romance, and a historical romance author. Which do you prefer to write?

Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat,Pray,Love) once said ideas for books were like birds which alight on you. They choose you. If you don’t nurture them and bring them to life they leave you for someone else. My books are like that. A story arrives and I write it. I don’t think of myself as being a historical romance or contemporary romance author – I just think of myself as being a writer.

Q. Here’s one for both of you: When are we going to see a collaborative book coming out?

We are in talks right now. Something different.

Q. If it’s on the drawing board, what would a likely topic, genre, or storyline be?

Maybe a Young Adult, futuristic, post-apocalyptic thriller. Stay tuned.

Q. Guy, do your mates know about your book?

You mean, do my hairy biker mates know I write romance novels? Yes. It’s important to be true to yourself first. If my mates/work colleagues dis me for it, then they are probably not the kind of people I need in my life. The truth of it is, everybody has been really supportive and few a more than a little surprised.

Q. Guy again – do you read other romance authors, apart from Eva?

I try to read anybody who is at the top of their game – it just takes me a while. Eva is a really good source of recommendations, especially when she devours a book at a rate of four to my one. I did sneak preview three other marvellous local authors not too long ago.

Q. Now that Queen of Speed is released, what can we expect to see from G.W. Gibson? What’s the new WIP?

There are two currently in the pipeline. Both are spinoffs from the Queen of Speed and will more likely sit in the romantic elements category. To Kill a Brother is about two people, who have relocated and changed their names to escape being sucked in the vortex of their bikie families, drawn together as a result of a murder investigation.

Q. And you, Eva. What’s next in store for your readers?

For the first time ever I’ve written a story for a collaborative anthology, A Season To Remember. My little tale is a Cinderella-trope set on the Gold Coast, Queensland. It’s a Christmas freebie out in late November.
In the meantime, I have a rural/outback romance, Red Dust Dreaming, out in April 2015 with Harlequin Escape. I am currently working on another one called Red Dust and Sequins which is about a professional dancer who decides to try her hand at farming.

Thank you both very much for chatting with me today. Good luck with the new release, Guy.

And Eva, best of luck with your forthcoming Anthology release with three *ah hem* other wonderful writers. (Please note the humility here). A Season to Remember is an anthology of short stories by Eva Scott, Susanne Bellamy, Elizabeth Ellen Carter, and myself. Out on November 28th.

Okay. That was the “shameless plug”. It’s been a real pleasure having you here. Good luck to you both.


Queen of Speed by G.W. Gibson - Penny MacIntyre races motorcycles and runs her own clothing import business. Her world is shattered when a lifelong friend is hospitalised with debilitating injuries. In desperation she turns to a long lost childhood acquaintance with a dubious past.   OUT NOW!!

Barbarian Bride by Eva Scott - On the bloody ground of the Colosseum, she fights to save her life. In the treacherous boxes above, he fights to save their love.

Though Klara didn't love the man who was to be her husband, she didn't want him murdered, and she vows to track down the man who committed the crime. Sickened that she'd been attracted to the mysterious Roman, Klara tracks Lucius Aurelius to the fringes of the Roman Empire, only to find that they've both been trapped in a clever plot to overthrow Klara's father, the Chief of the Huns.

Klara is separated from Lucius, captured by slavers and sold to a gladiator school. She is the only one who can save herself, by fighting for her freedom. Lucius can ensure her battle is easier, but only by sacrificing himself. How much is he willing to give up for the fiery woman he's come to love?

The Last Gladiatrix by Eva Scott - In the dust and death of the Colosseum, a slave fights for freedom, a soldier fights for his life, and they both fight for the love that has been forbidden.

Captured and enslaved by a Roman legion, Xanthe never expects to end up training for the Colosseum floor, but every night after the day’s march, she is put through her paces by a Roman solider who challenges her, tests her, and excites her.

Titus is drawn to Xanthe, her fire and her spirit, so he breaks one of his rules and brings notice on himself, offering to train her as a gladiatrix to spare her a courtesan’s role. But training her, working with her, soon becomes too much. Titus knows the penalty for taking property that does not belong to him, but how
long can he resist?

Other books by Eva Scott:

• The Marriage Makeover
• The Reluctant Wedding Planner
• T'was The Night Before Christmas

Contact the authors:


Eva - http://amzn.to/1CHGYBK

Guy - http://store.secretcravingspublishing.com/

Friday, September 26, 2014

Sliding Into Home - New from Anne Lange

Can an injured ex ball player convince the woman he wakes up married to in Las Vegas to take a second chance on him?
After spending the last four months drowning his sorrows over the end of his baseball career, Jack Bishop finds himself winging through the blue skies to Las Vegas, not so ready to spend the weekend with some woman his best friend set him up with. He expects a paid escort. What he gets is the woman he walked away from ten years ago to pursue his passion, and she’s not very happy to see him.
Devyn Tate believes she’s quite capable of finding somebody to take her out to dinner. She’s
no longer looking for a lifelong promise. She has a commitment only to her battery-operated toy to fulfill that particular need. Yet her friends have managed to talk her into spending the weekend in Las Vegas, on a blind date of all things. They promise the guy is trustworthy. They insist that she should have fun. Unfortunately, fun is not what she envisions when she discovers Jack Bishop lying on the floor of her suite in nothing but his underwear that’s on backward, and she has a wedding ring on her finger.

Excerpt 1 (PG)
Sliding into Home
A New League - Book 1
© 2014 Anne Lange

What the hell am I thinking?

She wasn’t a one-night or even a two-night stand kind of girl. She didn’t do fantasy sex. Hell, she
didn’t really do sex, period. It was okay. It wasn’t great. Isn’t that why Roger had fallen into the arms of another warm body? Well, that and the fact that her aspirations didn’t match up with his.

She needed to get out of there. She’d pay her friends back for the room—somehow. Devyn took a step toward the door that appeared to be a mile away.

The water stopped, freezing her mid-stride. Panic swelled. She spun in all directions. Oh, God. Typically, she considered herself a strong woman, but at the moment, she felt so out of her element, and a strong sense of foreboding rolled over her. She needed a place to hide. Dive behind the sofa or behind the heavy curtains?

A door opened and steam rolled into the hallway. The slap of wet feet against ceramic tile pulled her gaze back to the hallway but didn’t encourage her feet to move. Then the soft thud of footfalls on carpet and a deep hum preceded the man about to make his entrance.

Devyn began backing up, hands out at her sides to avoid tripping over furniture. The closer the humming got, the quicker she stepped, until she smacked into the patio door, and sucked in a breath, just as he entered the main room.

She couldn’t stop the immediate flood of arousal that shot through her when she caught sight of the gorgeous hulking male specimen strolling into the room, head down, large hands adjusting a fluffy white towel slung low on his hips, his damp hair curling around the edges of his ears.

She licked her lips. Instinct. Gut feeling. Whatever it was—she knew.  She couldn’t look. Yet she couldn’t close her eyes. She noticed every little detail starting at his sexy feet. The dark hair covering his legs. Could knees be sexy? Every hard line, every muscle of his tight abdomen, as her gaze swept up, up and up, until she reached his face.

That face. She must have moaned, must have made some small noise announcing her presence. His head jerked up and his eyes rounded in surprise, his skin flushed from the shower, or from finding her in his room?

Oh God, this has to be dream. Or maybe it was her fantasy after all.



Author Bio

Shoes are her addiction, but books are her passion.  Anne Lange grew up with a love for reading. If you take a close look, she’s got either a book, her Kindle or her Kobo—maybe all three—tucked into her bag or a pocket when she leaves the house. You know, just in case there’s time to sneak in a chapter or ten.  Anne reads many genres of romance, but prefers to write sexy stories, often with a dash of humor, and usually with a side of those sinful pleasures your mom never told you about. 

Oh, and always a happily ever after. 

While embarking on this wild journey of becoming a romance author, Anne juggles a full time job and a family. Not always successfully. Who needs a clean house every day?  And what’s wrong with cereal for dinner? She lives in Ontario, Canada with her wonderfully supportive husband, three awesome kids who are growing up way too fast, and Rocky the bearded dragon. 

Buy Links 

Author Social Links

Web Site | Facebook | Twitter @Anne_Lange  | | Goodreads  | Pinterest  | Amazon
Email: Anne_Lange66@yahoo.ca

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Signed print giveaway - Bird With the Broken Wing - D.L. Richardson

Spring has arrived in Australia and what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway.

Australian based speculative fiction author D L Richardson is giving one lucky reader the chance to win an autographed copy of her first published novel The Bird With The Broken Wing.

Night Owl Reviews reviewer said that they “…really enjoyed the twists and turns.” You can read the full review here  .

The contest is being run through Rafflecopter and it’s so easy to enter. Good luck, and don’t forget to share this great prize with your friends.

Book Blurb:

Rachael is a guardian angel who finds herself trapped in Purgatory with Ben Taylor, a young soldier she was assigned to watch over. She knows the terrible secret that's keeping him trapped in limbo but can't understand why she got dragged into Purgatory with him when he died. Desperate to set his soul free, Rachael uses counseling sessions to guide Ben into a state of self discovery. It's been ten years now, and they're both still trapped in limbo. It's not until the appearance of a feisty teenager Jet Jones that Rachael comes to understand how her attempts to get Ben to unleash his dark secret have unleashed one of her own. And this secret is bad news for angels like her who have made a terrible mistake. 

Win your own signed hard copy of Bird With the Broken Wing by entering the competition below. Just click on this link.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Buy Links:

Can’t wait for the contest to be over to read the book? You can download the ebook immediately and
it’s now reduced to $0.99 with stunning new covert art. It’s available at most online retailers.

Author Bio:

D L Richardson writes anything that fits under the genre of speculative fiction. She loves fantasy, horror, paranormal, science-fiction, and time travel. She has three young adult teen novels published and one short story anthology. Her first two YA novels The Bird With The Broken Wing and Feedback were best sellers at OmniLit. Her third YA novel Little Red Gem was runner up on Paranormal Books for the Best Standalone YA Book 2013 and the book trailer was featured on USA Today website. She lives in a coastal town in Australia with her husband and dog. Her other interests are playing the piano and guitar.

Author Contacts:
Website: www.dlrichardson.com   

Also by D L Richardson:

Little Red Gem
Fear of Falling 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Season to Remember - A Christmas Anthology blog tour - #3

A micro-story exclusively for you:

This blog tour brings very special people together. People who would never normally meet. Continuing on our theme of delving deep into the psyche of our characters from the forthcoming Christmas anthology - A Season to Remember - today we will visit the sunny, vibrant, Gold Coast. This is Australia's premier beach city, a mecca for anyone wishing to escape the cold and spend a warm and sunny winter in Queensland. Today, Kitty from 'Sands of Time' happens to meet up with Molly and Connor from 'All That Glitters.' Kitty is at that age where she just can't help herself from flirting mildly with a kind, good-looking man such as Connor Rathmore.

Kitty sat on a bench seat overlooking the canal at Surfers Paradise. This Christmas was the second one
without Billy. The year had flown and, true to her promise, she was sharing the day with Bonnie, Jeff, and the children. Joe had been there earlier, but his new girlfriend whisked him away soon after lunch to spend the rest of the day with her parents.

The children were skylarking in the pool with Jeff, and Bonnie was stacking the dishwasher in the kitchen. She’d offered to help, but was politely but firmly told to go and relax. Huh, relax. That’s all she seemed to do these days.

She heard the side gate creak and turned to see a tall, good-looking man in long shorts and a Polo shirt stride in, accompanied by a pretty girl who had the most beautiful smile.

They approached her.

“Hi. I’m Connor Rathmore. This is Molly.” Even though she couldn’t see his eyes behind the sun glasses, his smile was warm and friendly. “You must be Bonnie’s Mum?”

The man bent forward and kissed her cheek. Molly said a quick hello and headed inside to find Bonnie.

“Merry Christmas, Mrs. Pryor.” His voice was warm, gentle, comforting.

“Oh, please. Call me Kitty.” She felt quite girlish all of a sudden. This charming man’s smile did funny things to her. She moved over on the bench seat and patted the spot next to her. “Won’t you join me? I’d love to know you better.”

Thank you to Eva Scott, author of "All That Glitters', for contributing to this very special and exclusive micro-story of the meeting of two strangers. Connor seems to know intuitively that Kitty is in need of some male company this Christmas.

On November 28th, you'll be able to download your free gift copy of A Season to Remember, and enjoy four stories full of romance, adventure, love, and Christmas. Stay tuned for the download link.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Season to Remember - Christmas Anthology blog tour #2

A micro-story exclusively for you: 

This blog tour brings very special people together. People who would never normally meet. Continuing on our theme of delving deep into the psyche of our characters from the forthcoming Christmas anthology - A Season to Remember - today we will visit Andra from 'A Touch of Christmas', and Molly from 'All That Glitters'. They meet in Andra's space ship.

Captain Andra Veluthian finished docking the Starship Bluefire. A Terran woman was waiting to meet her.

Andra liked the quaint Terran celebrations, and had learned how important they were to Earthlings.

She strode into the hospitality pod. A pretty girl with a simple, straight bob stood as she entered. In her hand was a box wrapped in red and silver paper, and tied with a shiny green ribbon.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. I’m Andra Veluthian.” She extended her hand and steeled herself for the touch as the young woman leaned forward to grab it. Another Terran ritual that took some getting used to with anyone other than Nick.

The woman’s skin felt soft and warm. Quite pleasant really.

“So very happy to meet you, Captain. I’m Molly Morgan.” The girl smiled warmly. “Here, a small Christmas gift for you.” She presented her with the parcel so gaily wrapped. “It’s not much. Some home-made rum balls. I always say it’s not a proper Christmas without rum balls.”

For some inexplicable reason, a lump formed in Andra’s throat and something stung at the back of her eyes. “Thank you.” She swallowed deeply. “Thanks so very much.”

She wasn’t sure whether or not she should open it now. Molly Morgan stared expectantly at her.

“Before I open it, let’s have a…Christmas toast.” Her time with Nick had taught her much about Terran ways. She moved over to a cupboard, opened it, and took out a bottle of gold-flecked, colourless liquid and two small glasses. She poured a drink from the bottle and filled the other glass with soda for herself. “Let’s have a drink and get to know one another, shall we?”

Molly’s face broke out into another sunny smile. “Sounds great.” She flopped onto a chair that was a lot more comfortable than it looked. “Tell me, how long have you worked on the Bluefire?”

“Well, in Terran time, it would be nine years since I took up my first commission. I became Captain just before we left for our recent mission to Earth. I love coming back here each year and seeing the progress made in reclaiming your planet. Its health has been in jeopardy for a long time. Are you interested in space travel?”

Molly sipped her drink and smiled. “That’s delicious. Um, space travel. I’ve never thought about it. I’m keen on taking a really long sea cruise with a rather special man I met. Long, lazy days by the pool, cocktails at sunset, and nights... You get my drift.”

“You drift on a cruise? This term I have not heard Nick use. Is it not dangerous to not set a course but simply to drift?”

Her guest laughed. “Oh no. It means you follow my meaning. Any captain will set and follow a course at sea. Or in space for that matter.”

“Ah, thank you. English has much idiom. It will take me a long time to get the hang of it, as Nick would say.”

“I’d say you’re doing very well, Andra. So how long are you on Earth for this visit?”

“Nick and I are on holiday for one week. Christmas is a special time for us too. How will you celebrate?”

“We’re borrowing a friend’s yacht and sailing up the Queensland coast for a few days. Would you like to join us?”

Andra grinned and thanked Molly for the invitation. Sailing a sea vessel would tick another of her childhood dreams and having Nick and her new friends with her would be—would be icing on the cake. The Christmas cake!

Thank you to Eva Scott, author of All That Glitters, and Susanne Bellamy, author of A Touch of Christmas, for contributing to this very special and exclusive micro-story of the meeting of two women who have fallen in love with two remarkable men.

On November 28th, you'll be able to download your free gift copy of A Season to Remember, and enjoy four stories full of romance, adventure, love, and Christmas. Stay tuned for the download link.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Adult romance - Saving Sullivan, new from Sara Hubbard

Saving Sullivan is a new adult romance novel set in beautiful Banff, Alberta. It is the fourth book
in the Summer Lovin’ Series, however, it is a standalone novel. Author Sara Hubbard joins me today.

Sullivan Hope is a total screw up. He finished university with the help of his father’s donations to the school and an ultimatum: Straighten up and join him in the family business, or screw up again and he’s cut off for good. This summer is his last chance to live it up before walking the straight and narrow in the fall, and the lure of a good party and, even better, alcohol is more than he can resist. Besides, he’s never met a situation he can’t handle or talk his way out of, or a pair of panties he couldn’t talk his way into. That is, until he meets Abby, the nursing student full of sarcasm and sass.

Flying half way across the country to do her practical nursing placement at Stone Cliff Resort hadn’t been part of Abby Claire’s plans for the summer. When her first appointment, which would allow her to stay at home and care for her family, falls through, it’s either pack up and go or risk not graduating. Meeting the rich, God’s gift to all things on earth playboy, Sullivan Hope wasn’t in her plans, either, but the more she’s around him, the clearer she sees the man who hides behind the parties and liquor.

When a summer fling turns into more than either of them had bargained for, Sullivan’s world begins to crumble and Abby gets dragged down into the rubble. He can’t let her in despite her healing touch. And Abby can’t risk getting too close and finding a reason to stay and save Sullivan.


Smoulder is chatting with the stewardess. I’m trying my best not to notice but curiosity gets the better of me. She’s smiling and laughing, hanging on his every word—which thankfully, I can’t hear because of the movie. I’m sure he’s full of lines. Meanwhile, he’s calm, cool and collected. It’s not long before he gets up and heads for the bathroom, and she follows, glancing once over her shoulder to see if anyone is watching.

Yes, lady, I am.

He emerges eleven minutes later. Not bad, Hero. Not ninja style or anything, but I suppose eleven minutes would be forever to a lot of women. I roll my eyes as he stops to tuck his polo shirt in before sitting down. I snatch my ear buds and pull them out. I can’t help myself; I have to say something now. “Really?”

He turns to meet my smirk. “I’m sorry? Did you say something?” His lips curl into a smile, the same cheeky smile I’m sure he’s turned on many unsuspecting females—only I’m prepared for it. It would take a lot more than his smile and his chiseled cheekbones and abs to make me lose my panties for him.

“The flight attendant? Could you be anymore cliché?”

Purchase links:

About the author:

Sara Hubbard is the author of young adult books. Her debut novel BLOOD, SHE READ released fall 2012 and was a NEORWA Cleveland Rocks winner and a RCRW Duel on the Delta finalist.

Sara was born in Australia to British parents, but has lived in Nova Scotia, Canada for the majority of
her life. She began writing when she was ten years old; and her poetry earned her a spot as a young author in a local competition. After that, she moved on to writing short stories about a group of crime-fighting preteens called the Super Sleuths. She loved the time she spent writing, but took a detour from it while in junior high and high school.

After high school she completed a degree in business, a graduate diploma in human resources and recently completed her degree in nursing. She didn't return to writing until about five years ago, soon after the birth of her two children.

When she's not procrastinating, she spends her time mothering her two children, writing, and working as an RN in the military.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Season to Remember - A Christmas Anthology blog tour - #1

A micro-story exclusively for you:

This blog tour brings very special people together. People who would never normally meet. This is the first stop on our theme of delving deep into the psyche of our characters from the forthcoming Christmas anthology - A Season to Remember - and today, through the magic author wand, we time travel and meet up with Laura from 'Three Ships', and Kitty from 'Sands of Time'. They meet quite by chance at a Christmas party held by a friend.

It was Christmas Day, and eighteen year old Laura Winter had just walked into the parlour and been introduced to the recently widowed Kitty Pryor. They shook hands, and a moment later a silent waiter approached holding a silver tray with two cut crystal glasses filled with bright mahogany-coloured sherry. They took a glass and raised it to each other in a toast.

“Merry Christmas, Laura.” Kitty smiled warmly at the pretty young girl.

“Merry Christmas to you too, Mrs. Pryor.”

Their eyes met as they took a sip of sherry and in an instant, Laura felt her shoulders relax. She didn’t know a soul at the party. Thank goodness she had someone to talk to.

“Let’s sit here on the sofa. My legs are aching from standing so long.” Kitty hobbled over and sat heavily on the tapestry suite. Laura joined the older woman and, for Dutch courage, took another sip of the sweet wine.

“Ah, that’s better,” said Kitty as she settled back on the seat. She turned to the young girl with an inquisitive gaze. “I haven’t seen you around these parts before. Tell me about yourself.”

Laura sank back against the padded back of the sofa, and exhaled. Normally she hated going to social occasions. She much preferred the solitary life in the lighthouse. But something about this older woman made her feel as though she had known her for ever.

“Well, I live on St Joseph's Rock. It's a tidal island off the Devon Coast near the town of Ashton-On-Sea. My father is a lighthouse keeper,” she said.

“I'm here with my fiance, Michael Renten, he's a Commander in the Royal Navy.”

Mrs Pryor smiled. It was a lovely smile but one that didn't miss a thing.

“I've found out where you live, who your father is and who you are engaged to, but you still haven't told me about yourself.”

“Oh!” Laura stopped and paused. No one had ever asked her that question before. She gave it another moment's thought then continued.

“I'm training to be a teacher, well for the moment, although I'll give that up when I marry—it won't go to waste though.” Laura blushed. “I plan to teach my children, if we're so blessed.”

“Ah, the young women of today have it good,” said Mrs Pryor. “Young women back in my day had to give up work when they married too. Today women can go back to work six weeks after having children.”

Laura's eyes widened. “Who looks after their children?”

“Teachers like yourself. Most women can't afford to stay home with their babies.”

After a shake of her head, Laura took another sip of her drink. “I think the future is very confusing.”

Thank you to Elizabeth Ellen Carter - author of Three Ships, for contributing to this very special and exclusive micro-story of the meeting of two women - one old, and one young.

On November 28th, you'll be able to download your free gift copy of A Season to Remember, and enjoy four stories full of romance, adventure, love, and Christmas. Stay tuned for the download link.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Summer Fling - Trouble in Tinseltown: Book 1 of Summer Flings from Aimee Duffy

Today I'm thrilled to welcome Scottish author, Aimee Duffy. Take it away, Aimee!

When my editor asked if I wanted to write a series of short stories perfect for the summer months I jumped at the chance! Summer flings is a sexy rom com series following Ciara, Gem and Elle’s trip around the world after they graduate from university – oh, and they pick up a very hunky fling or two along the way!

I really enjoyed writing these books, the girls kept getting into lots of mad and hilarious situations without me having to try to think about it – as a writer I adore it when that happens. The characters practically dictated the books from start to finish, insistent that this was there holiday and they were going to set the pace. My only regret is not being able to jump inside the pages and travel with them.

Huge thank you to Noelle for having me today!


Part 1 of Summer Flings – a fun, flirty and laugh out loud rom com series of short stories.

Armed with a degree from Oxford that she doesn’t have a clue what to do with, Ciara Bree convinces her two best friends, Elle and Gem to spend their first summer of freedom backpacking across the globe. Now it’s time to shop, sunbathe, think about boys for a change, and party hard…

First stop: LA!

The girls hit Tinseltown for a few days of shopping, star spotting, and even a movie premiere!

But their plan to sneak into an exclusive celeb party in West Hollywood backfires. Elle’s gorgeous older cousin, Zack, is called to the rescue and despite knowing she should stay away, Ciara just can’t seem to resist him.

The ideal summer treat for those relaxing days soaking up the sun!

Sneak Peak – The Morning after

Zack, about last night…’

His grin was just like it had been last night, or this morning, when she’d told him she didn’t scream ever during sex and he’d proved her so wrong.

Ruthlessly, she pushed the memory away and pressed on, refusing to be distracted by the thrum in her blood that insisted she take him up on his offer. Right Now. ‘I’m not looking for a relationship, or to get involved with someone I know. I’m not a stayer.’

He just stared at her with amusement glittering in his eyes. That wasn’t the least bit insulting, she thought wryly.

‘So what I’m trying to say was that last night was a mistake. I’m sorry.’

‘You really believe that, don’t you?’ he asked, placing the tray down then putting her coffee on it.

‘You really think that last night was a one off.’

He grabbed her hips, pulling her closer and her heart took off full speed. ‘It was. It has to be.’ She tried to reply firmly.

His lips brushed her ear and she shivered. ‘You’re wrong. Last night wasn’t a mistake, and this isn’t over – it’s just on hold until you realise that.’

She was about to protest but he kissed her first and she was gone as thoroughly as she had been the night before.

He pulled away, far too soon. ‘When you figure it out, you have my number.’........

Buy Link

HarperImpulse http://www.harperimpulseromance.com/books/trouble-in-tinseltown

About Aimee Duffy

All my life I’ve been dreaming up stories. My mum said when I was little I used to make all the My Little Pony figurines talk to each other, and even fall in love. Later, it was Barbie and Ken. In my teens, I played matchmaker with my friends at school.
When I wasn’t creating imaginary scenarios, I had my nose stuck in books, reading across genres and there was one thing I loved more than the escapism—the fact a story can touch me so deeply, like I was experiencing everything along with my characters. I knew from early on this was something I wanted to do for others.
Fast forward a few years, and the dream almost got lost in real life, but I still couldn’t shake it completely. Now I write sizzling romance with the hope of making my readers’ hearts race like they are falling in love for the first time.

Author Links

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Queen of Speed - from G.W. Gibson - chicks on bikes

Queen of Speed by G.W. Gibson.

Published by Secret Cravings Publishing.

Last thing girl racer Penny McIntyre needs is bad boy Bryce Huntington bringing trouble to her door. But she needs him – and he needs her.

It’s not easy being a girl in an all-male world. Penny McIntyre has to fight every day to hold her place on the race track. Her lifelong dream of sponsorship is realised when she is offered the chance to ride as part of a Justin Byrne’s 600cc motorcycle team. At long last her dreams are in reach.
Her world is turned into upside down when her mechanic is injured and she discovers Bryce Huntington, her childhood sweetheart, is back in town. Even though he shattered her heart ten years ago she has no other choice but to enlist Bryce’s help in the pit. What she hasn’t counted on is the animosity between Justin and Bryce which threatens to throw her world into chaos. Everything she has worked for is in danger of disappearing.
She has to choose who to trust, who to protect and who to let go.