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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Season to Remember - A Christmas Anthology blog tour - #3

A micro-story exclusively for you:

This blog tour brings very special people together. People who would never normally meet. Continuing on our theme of delving deep into the psyche of our characters from the forthcoming Christmas anthology - A Season to Remember - today we will visit the sunny, vibrant, Gold Coast. This is Australia's premier beach city, a mecca for anyone wishing to escape the cold and spend a warm and sunny winter in Queensland. Today, Kitty from 'Sands of Time' happens to meet up with Molly and Connor from 'All That Glitters.' Kitty is at that age where she just can't help herself from flirting mildly with a kind, good-looking man such as Connor Rathmore.

Kitty sat on a bench seat overlooking the canal at Surfers Paradise. This Christmas was the second one
without Billy. The year had flown and, true to her promise, she was sharing the day with Bonnie, Jeff, and the children. Joe had been there earlier, but his new girlfriend whisked him away soon after lunch to spend the rest of the day with her parents.

The children were skylarking in the pool with Jeff, and Bonnie was stacking the dishwasher in the kitchen. She’d offered to help, but was politely but firmly told to go and relax. Huh, relax. That’s all she seemed to do these days.

She heard the side gate creak and turned to see a tall, good-looking man in long shorts and a Polo shirt stride in, accompanied by a pretty girl who had the most beautiful smile.

They approached her.

“Hi. I’m Connor Rathmore. This is Molly.” Even though she couldn’t see his eyes behind the sun glasses, his smile was warm and friendly. “You must be Bonnie’s Mum?”

The man bent forward and kissed her cheek. Molly said a quick hello and headed inside to find Bonnie.

“Merry Christmas, Mrs. Pryor.” His voice was warm, gentle, comforting.

“Oh, please. Call me Kitty.” She felt quite girlish all of a sudden. This charming man’s smile did funny things to her. She moved over on the bench seat and patted the spot next to her. “Won’t you join me? I’d love to know you better.”

Thank you to Eva Scott, author of "All That Glitters', for contributing to this very special and exclusive micro-story of the meeting of two strangers. Connor seems to know intuitively that Kitty is in need of some male company this Christmas.

On November 28th, you'll be able to download your free gift copy of A Season to Remember, and enjoy four stories full of romance, adventure, love, and Christmas. Stay tuned for the download link.


  1. I'd be delighted if Connor Rathmore dropped by to visit. He and Kitty sound delightful!