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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Queen of Speed - from G.W. Gibson - chicks on bikes

Queen of Speed by G.W. Gibson.

Published by Secret Cravings Publishing.

Last thing girl racer Penny McIntyre needs is bad boy Bryce Huntington bringing trouble to her door. But she needs him – and he needs her.

It’s not easy being a girl in an all-male world. Penny McIntyre has to fight every day to hold her place on the race track. Her lifelong dream of sponsorship is realised when she is offered the chance to ride as part of a Justin Byrne’s 600cc motorcycle team. At long last her dreams are in reach.
Her world is turned into upside down when her mechanic is injured and she discovers Bryce Huntington, her childhood sweetheart, is back in town. Even though he shattered her heart ten years ago she has no other choice but to enlist Bryce’s help in the pit. What she hasn’t counted on is the animosity between Justin and Bryce which threatens to throw her world into chaos. Everything she has worked for is in danger of disappearing.
She has to choose who to trust, who to protect and who to let go.

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