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Monday, July 22, 2013

Meet the Murdies

Well, after the excitement of introducing, Shehanne Moore’s new hottie Scottie hero,  the Black Wolf, the other day I found myself salivating a bit to know more. Come on...all these Scots guys, although I have to admit my choice would be the Wolf.

How amazing though to get the low down, not just on the Black Wolf’s right hand man, Wee Murdie and his brother Big Murdie, but to receive another teaser as to the story of His Judas Bride. This is Shehanne, the author of The Unraveling of Lady Fury’s forthcoming book set in her native Scotland.  

I have to say the Murdie boys, both members of the Brotherhood of Wolves, don’t sound like the sort you would want to cross.

If you haven’t met them already then you can do so here. Not only that but - did I mention there's a terrific GIVEAWAY? 
Yes. Every person who leaves a comment on my posts about the Brotherhood of the Wolves between now and release day on August 2nd, will have their name put in a hat and I will draw three lucky winners who will each get a $10 Amazon Gift Card (hopefully used to purchase a copy of His Judas Bride).
And there’s the promise of more teasing snippets to come from some of the other players in the story. Oh no, I'm salivating again.

If, however, you simply can't wait - visit Shehanne's web site HERE for more sneaky peekies. Not only can you read more at Shehanne's web site, but you can see more pictures of the Brotherhood of Wolves on their own Pinterest board. Just click HERE.

If you would like to take down Callm's statistics and look up his dossier, contact Shehanne Moore here:



  1. OOHHH Noelle thank you again. Fabulous giveaway, fabulous friend xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I'm starting to get the hots for Wee Eck!

  3. lol so is Aimee Duffy. ........ Might do the post on him and Snosh next... they have fans!!

  4. Oops, did you say we should look up his dossier.... if you insist. I have no problem with checking out a hottie Scottie. lol. Please enter me to win one!!! lol Best of luck ladies.
    Christine Elaine xx

  5. Whoh! u are...entered... Christine. xx want the dossier to win...look up the last post and say hi to the wolf.......... hmmm

  6. Where's Snosh? But I gotta say, a guy who can take out three others with a teeny tiny claymore...oh, he wins today!

    1. oh Snosh will be ....coming soon. That is a promise. And after all Wee Murdie is 6 feet 3.....

  7. Snosh has sent me a letter, Anne. You'll be able to read it soon. I think he's going to reveal his teeny tiny claymore too!

  8. Noelle.... May I say I am shocked !!!! I thought we were keeping this clean. LOL!!!! Anyway how do YOU know it is tiny??? Hmm??