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Friday, July 26, 2013

A postcard from Lochalpin Glen: Snosh and Wee Eck

Hoping you all have recovered from the unwarranted intrusion the other day by Lord Ewen McDunnagh, the chief of clan McDunnagh and the younger brother of Shehanne Moore’s new hottie Scot hero, the Black Wolf - hero of the soon to be released His Judas Bride. I wasn’t going to ask why Ewen is chief and Calm, the Black Wolf’s not, when Ewen is younger. I didn’t want to inflame things. You don’t know what has happened in someone's past. To quote the tag-line from my own book, Let Angels Fly, about the second time round, but life is certainly full of surprises.

I am just heaving a sigh of relief he’s gone and I can now......just checking  he’s not anywhere about... introduce you to two guys who have been garnering a fair bit of attention with regard to Shehanne’s book, His Judas Bride. Yes. Author Anne Lange thinks Snosh is a cutie pie, while author Aimme Duffy thinks Wee Eck should have a fan club. Seriously girls, don't those names conjour images of what these particular fellas look like?

However, because of the girl's enthusiam, I’m thrilled to let you have this.....

Another pair you would not want to mess with. Right?
And not just this...this too.

Aw, Snosh. A wee boy of only 17! No wonder young Anne Lange is smitten. (For English speaking readers, please cut and paste Snosh's postcard into Google Translator.)

There’s also a fabulous picture of Lochalpin to share from Shehanne’s latest Pinterest Board on the place itself. Och, what a beautiful part of the world! Definitely worth fighting over.

Not to mention a terrific GIVEAWAY?

Yes. Every person who leaves a comment on my posts about the Brotherhood of the Wolves between now and release day on August 2nd, will have their name put in a hat and I will draw three lucky winners who will each get a $10 Amazon Gift Card (hopefully used to purchase a copy of His Judas Bride).

And there’s the promise of more teasing snippets to come from some of the other players in the story. Oh no, I'm salivating again. And again!

If, however, you simply can't wait - visit Shehanne's web site HERE for more sneaky peekies. Not only can you read more at Shehanne's web site, but you can see more pictures of the Brotherhood of Wolves on their own Pinterest board. Just click HERE.




  1. Thanks for sharing more about Snosh and Wee Eck with us

    fencingromein at hotmail dot com

    1. These two guys do sound intriguing, don't they? They've been very popular with the ladies who've been following this series of letters from Lochalpin. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Shehanne and I both appreciate it. :-)

  2. Aww|! Glad you like Snosh and Wee Eck. Noelle, thank you again for doing this,.