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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Normal service has been interrupted.....

Phew! I've been hosting this Hot Scot giveaway for a few days now, and we all think Scots are hot - don’t we? 

Well, today I was all set to show you Wee Eck and Snosh....already not just building a fan club but I am getting offers here for them!  (Stop blushing Anne Lange and Aimee Duffy). What did that other famous Scot, Rabbie Burns say about the best laid plans? Quite a great deal. It seems that Lord Ewen McDunnagh, the clan chief, Callm’s younger brother (whisper) has got a bit jealous and he has burned the cards.

I’m really not sure about Ewen being here when I see some of the things written about him. The way he drinks and swears for a start, never mind the way he smells, would hardly set a girl’s heart a flutter. Then there’s what it says on the card.
Did I say I was salivating yesterday? I must say today that I wouldn’t much like to be in Kara’s shoes, that's for sure. (She is the heroine of Shehanne Moore’s forthcoming book His Judas Bride.)

I’d rather meet Callm, the Black Wolf or the Murdies. And dear reader, if you haven't already, you can do so here.

And did I tell you about the three $10 Amazon Gift Cards up for grabs? Yes. Every person who leaves a comment on my posts about the Brotherhood of the Wolves between now and release day on August 2nd, will have their name put in a hat and I will draw three lucky winners who will each get a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Okay, not a hot Scot, but hey you get can get anything on Amazon!

 If, however, you simply can't wait - visit Shehanne's web site HERE for more sneaky peekies. Not only can you read more at Shehanne's web site, but you can see more pictures of the Brotherhood of Wolves on their own Pinterest board. Just click HERE.

Ask Shehanne questions about HIS JUDAS BRIDE here:


  1. Okay, Ewen, that is SO not fair. I think Aimee and I need to have little chat with you, buster.

  2. It seems as though Ewen is a most unlikeable, pushy, so-and-so. I'm just glad I'm not a tree in Lockalpin!

  3. Anne, I wish someone would........Noelle, yes, you be glad.

    1. Anne and Aimee - you are very brave women if you are thinking of taking Shehanne to task. ;-) Re the trees, Shehanne, the way you describe Ewen's penchant for relieving his deepest desires on any tree he should happen upon, is an extraordinarily graphic way of describing him. Even my bogan Aussie sheila persona was shocked!