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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I’m being ‘Taken Over’ – by I HEART BOOKS

The wonderful Kris from I Heart Books is reaching out from the United States of America all the way down to my place in Brisbane Australia, and making me her guest on the I Heart Books AUTHOR TAKEOVER. This means that, for two hours, you can learn about my books, about me, and I’ll be online to answer any of your questions.

How can you join in the fun?
Just click on the I Heart Books Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/IHeartBooksOfficial 

When will this Author Takeover take place?
Now, that’s the tricky question. For US or Canadian readers who use the MST time zone (Phoenix  - like my friend and fellow author Sabrina Devonshire - or Edmonton), it’s at 5pm. Anne Lange and ChristineElaine Black – are you gals anywhere near Edmonton?

For people in New York or Connecticut (like my friend/author Sharon Struth), or who use the EDT time zone, I’ll be online at 8pm.
For my esteemed fellow authors and very good friends in Wales, Scotland and all the UK – people like Shehanne Moore, Cat Cavendish, Incy Black, Aimee Duffy – you can join me at 1am BST. I know which one of you will still be awake then, and it’s not Cat, Incy or Aimee.

This is a world-wide extravaganza, folks. We’re even beaming all the way to Vienna, Austria, so that my friend and wonderful author Antonia van Zandt can join in the fun. But because it will be 2am in Vienna, I doubt she’ll be popping in to say hello.
For my Nashville, Tennessee friend and fab author, Susan D. Taylor / Susan Arden, it will be a very reasonable 7pm CDT.

And last, but not least, my tens of thousands of Aussie fans (did I tell you I exaggerate a lot?) – Tania Joyce, Kendall Talbot, LouiseForster, Sharon Woolich, Elizabeth Ellen Carter, Anthea Jones – tune in at 10am on Wednesday. No excuses! We all know it’s a public holiday in Brissy that day.
For the rest of the massive legion of undying fans who hang on my every word, here is a link to a time converter. Just put in 5pm MST in the top field, and add your city in the bottom field. Easy. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

I have to thank Kris from I Heart Books who will be hosting me for a marathon two hours. She must

know I have the gift of the gab. But I have a very special EXCLUSIVE  - I Heart Books surprise in store. PLUS, there will be a couple of copies of my book , Let Angels Fly, to give away as well.

I’m also revealing a whole lot about my soon-to-be released book, Rosamanti. Come and meet my gorgeous hero Pietro, and see the island paradise he calls home.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to get to know me better. Afterwards, I’m sure you’ll all be glad I live all the way down here in the Land of Oz.
My city - Brisbane

This is where I live - Wellington Point. But we call it Wello Point. I can walk here from my house. But I drive. :-)
Hope to see you there!  Don't forget - I Heart Books Facebook Page - and why not click on 'Like' while you're there!


  1. Sounds like fun, Noelle! I will try to remember.

  2. I liked the page. Is this event happening today?

  3. Hi Sabrina. Yes 5pm your time. If you get time to pop in that would be fab, but I know you're a busy gal. Congrats on even more swimming success too!

  4. Sadly not, 1am was a bit of a stretch for me, especially 'cause I'm sick just now. Hope you had a lovely chat! Is it recorded anywhere?

    1. Aimee, firstly, sorry to hear you're crook. Get well soon. Honestly, I didn't really expect any of you to join in - I know how busy you all are. I just wanted to let you all know how important you all are to me. We are a great supportive bunch. :-) take care.