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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Find your next read with The Galz ... and Steve

Author Shehanne Moore has put together this nifty trailer showcasing the wares of thirteen female authors who write across a range of genres, from Paranormal, Horror, MM Erotic, Historical, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance, and Women's Fiction. Oh, then there's our 'lone wolf', Steve Emmett, who dashes out great Horror stories.

Why not have a look at this short video, then go and check out our books. There's no need to ever be stuck for a good book to read when we're around.

Click Here:  Find your Next Read with the Galz         

Our books are available on Amazon and all good online retailers.

Aimee Duffy
Tracey Rogers
Antonia van Zandt
Susan Arden
Anne Lange
Renea Mason
Sharon Struth
Noelle Clark
Catherine Cavendish
Shehanne Moore
Elin Gregory
Charley Descoteaux
Faith Ashlin
Steve Emmett


  1. been trying all week to leave u comments but there's a prob , so doing it on this account. This is lovely as u r doll. Good luck with everything the giveaway and u better get a fab review on I heart!
    Shey xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thank you, Noelle and a massive thank you to Shehanne!