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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

SHADOW of the CORSAIRS - a chat with Elizabeth Ellen Carter

SHADOW OF THE CORSAIRS by Elizabeth Ellen Carter 

Out June 26, 2018 – order here


Go back to where it all began with this prequel to Captive of the Corsairs and Revenge of the Corsairs.
Shadow of the Corsairs tells the story of Jonathan Afua a member from a noble Ethiopian family who is torn between heartbreaking grief and revenge.
Morwena Gambino hides her aptitude for business while working for her father and all of her best laid plans come under threat from jealousy surprising close to home.
Their lives are changed forever when they encounter the dangerous and brilliant Captain Christopher ‘Kit’ Hardacre and his crew of privateers.
Jonathan and Morwena might even have a chance to fall in love – as long as Kit’s erratic behaviour doesn’t get them killed first…


Q1.   Elizabeth, how wonderful to see a prequel to the amazing Captive of the Corsairs, and also Revenge of the Corsairs, coming our way. What idea triggered the need to tell readers more about Kit Hardacre?
In Captive of the Corsairs, the heroine, Sophia sees Jonathan and Morwena’s wedding celebration. Shadow of the Corsairs goes back four years prior to their first meeting and their romance.
Kit plays such a pivotal role in all three books. He is one of the most dominant personalities I’ve ever written. What Shadow does is allows me to show Kit without Sophia’s grounding influence.

Q2.   Will readers see a different side to Kit in ‘Shadows’? Will we like him more? Or less?
There are times Kit is pretty unlikeable but we see the reasons he does what he does. Anyone reading Shadow without having read the first two, I hope will glean enough of his back story to recognise it.
In Shadow, Kit is still in thrall to opium and he crosses the line into recklessness more times than not.

Q3.   The dark and mysterious Jonathon sounds so intense. His wrestle with grief, revenge, and love, have the potential to overshadow the charm and eccentricities of Kit Hardacre. What do you think readers will think of Jonathon?
I hope readers will fall in love with Jonathan as I have done. He is the most mature and sensible of all the Corsairs heroes. He has a quiet dignity. Jonathan is not flamboyant like Kit or as naive as Elias.
His story starts off as heartbreaking but ends in hope. Jonathan has lost everything but through Morwena has chance to live life anew.

Q4.   Is the character, Morwena, based on anyone in history?
No one directly, but I hope I’ve given justice to the independent spirit of Sicilian women. I was so pleased how her character came together. She is all about her family and when one of them betrays her badly, it is the source of great heartache.

Q5.   Can you rule out another in the Heart of the Corsairs series?
This universe is technically at a close, but the Hardacre name lives on! My new series goes back ten years prior to Captive and tells the story of Kit’s father who is recruited to become a spy against Napoleon.
In the first book Live and Let Spy, we find out about Kit’s origins and discover the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
I’m also planning a father and son reunion short story for 2019. 

Shadow of the Corsairs is the third instalment in the Heart of the Corsairs series and the sequel to Captive of the Corsairs, now available at Amazon and Revenge of the Corsairs, also on Amazon to order now.
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  2. Anytime! Very much looking forward to this release.

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