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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Season to Remember - Christmas Anthology blog tour - #6

A micro-story exclusively for you:

This blog tour brings very special people together. People who would never normally meet. Continuing on our theme of delving deep into the psyche of our characters from the forthcoming Christmas anthology - A Season to Remember - today we will visit with two delightful young couples - Laura and Michael (from Three Ships); and Molly and Connor (from All That Glitters). They meet up at a Christmas party.

The old lady, Kitty Pryor, fell asleep ungracefully on the tapestry couch, sliding sideways until she was leaning heavily on Laura’s shoulder.

“Here, let me help you there.” The girl’s voice sounded close.

Laura turned to see the girl, already reaching forward and lifting Mrs. Pryor up and setting her back against the couch. With a huge effort, the girl managed to get the old lady to stay put, and she propped a cushion under the woman’s head.

“I’m Molly. Merry Christmas.”

Laura looked into the dancing eyes of Molly. “Thanks you. Merry Christmas to you as well. I’m Laura.”

“Come on, she’ll be okay for now.” Molly extended her hand. “Join us over here?”

Laura clasped her hand and stood, glad to have someone else to talk to, now that Kitty Pryor had drunk herself into a sherry stupor. She glanced up at the clock on the mantle, mindful that she must not leave too late or she would be marooned on the mainland all night.

Molly must have noticed. “In a rush?”

“Well, not really. But I need to leave before the tide turns. I live on St. Joseph’s Rock, you see.”

Molly’s eyes widened. “Really? Where the lighthouse is? I met another man who said he’d been there recently. His name is, um…Michael something.”

Laura felt her heart stop. “Not…not Michael Renten?”

“Yes, I think that’s right. Oh look, here he is now.”

Laura turned to see Michael coming towards them holding two glasses of sherry. She offered Michael a beaming smile, which he returned.

“Ah Miss Molly, I see you are acquainted with my fiancee,” he said, handing one of the glasses to Laura and offering the other to Molly who refused the drink with a polite shake of her head.

Michael Renten was tall, equally as tall as the man who now joined them - Connor Rathmore - who wrapped his arm around Molly's waist.

“Usually about now we put on the stereo and begin the 80s karoke,” Connor quipped.

Laura frowned. “I don't know that word, is it Japanese?”

It was Connor's turn to frown. “Yeah, I think it is. It means to have a sing along.”

“That could be fun,” said Laura enthusiastically. “But I'm not sure I know any songs from the 1780s.”

Molly burst out laughing. “Well if you don't, I don't think we would either. I think Connor was thinking of more 1980s.”

“Yep, big hair and shoulder pads,” he then leaned in to say in a stage whisper. “Just like Molly's step-mother.”

Kitty Pryor, leaning back comatose on the setee, muttered and shifted in her sleep but didn't waken.

“I found something that looks like a music box in the other room,” said Michael, offering his arm which Laura accepted. “Mr Rathmore might be familiar with its workings. It appears to be called a 'Wurlitzer'.”

Thank you to Elizabeth Ellen Carter - author of Three Ships, and Eva Scott, author of All That Glitters, for contributing to this very special and exclusive micro-story of the meeting of two young couples.

On November 28th, you'll be able to download your free gift copy of A Season to Remember, and enjoy four stories full of romance, adventure, love, and Christmas. Stay tuned for the download link..

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