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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's the Liebster Award!

Friend and fellow author, Shehanne Moore, has nominated me in her list of Liebster Award winners. What this means, is that I have to display the badge, plus answer some questions. Then I'm supposed to nominate some other authors to go through the same process. So, thank you Shey for this award. Much appreciated.

1. Which fictional character would you most fancy having a fling with and why?
Pietro Lombardi in Rosamanti. But not just a fling. I’d like to keep him forever. He’s just a lovely guy. He's good looking, he can cook, he makes Sarah laugh, and he's hot in bed.

2. Do you have a favourite type of character?
I like men who are strong, fit, and easy on the eye, but they must also have a soft spot which can be very well hidden, but it’s there.

3. Apart from writing, what are you most passionate about?
my grand children (and children but they'd kill me if I put a pic here)

my dogs and cats
my Maton guitar

my vege garden


4. What are you working on right now?
Honor’s Debt: a contemporary romance set in Ireland.

5. You’ve been shipwrecked on a desert island, what book can’t you be without?
Well, it's a TV show, not a book.  Who can tell me who this is?

6. Who is your favourite author and why?
I have too many to list. I like reading many genres: romance, biographies, historical, suspense, mystery, memoirs. Partial to Louis deBernieres.

7. Are you a plotter or a pantser?
I’m a plotter, with pantserish tendencies.

8.  Have you been known to ‘torture’ a character and if so why?
Um, not yet.

9 Do you remember your favourite childhood book?
Yes, and I still have it. Alison’s Island Adventure.

10. Have you ever cried over a book? If so, which one?
I often cry when reading a book where I have connected with the character and care about what happens to them. When I was very young – too young to be able to read – I remember looking at the colour pictures in Peter Pan and Wendy. There was one picture of the little boy and his teddy with a neck brace and chain. I remember howling over the injustice of it.

11.  Do you prefer sweet or angsty?
Sweet but realistic, believable.

12. Is there anything you do particularly to get inspiration for writing?
Yes. I turn off Facebook, email etcetera and put my phone on silent. I re-read my notes and plotting outlines. Sometimes I look at pictures I’ve taken of the location. I sketch the house, characters, I draw maps. I sit quietly and focus my thoughts on the characters and ask myself, what would they do? How will they react when they find out….? And I ask all the ‘What if?” questions. Sometimes I go for a walk with my dogs to clear my head. If all that fails to get me inspired, I read books and watch movies until my subconscious pushes them aside and lets my story come through.

Who shall I nominate for the Leibster Award?

Kendall Talbot
Isabella Hargreaves
Tania Joyce
Susanne Bellamy
Suzi Love

There you are girls. You know the rules. Write a blog post, answer the questions, display the badge, link back to moi, and nominate some recipients. Hop to it.

Now, I’d like you all to go and visit the very extensive list of wonderful writers below who were also nominated by Shehanne Moore.

Ellis Vidler http://t.co/aBdBygwLCX
Sharon Struth http://t.co/fwHWRlJXmk
Christine Elaine Black http://t.co/0mtcFYgj53
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Aubrey Wynne   http://t.co/QmoxBcf3rD
Amelia Curzon. http://t.co/G9CmQkNot9
EE Carter http://t.co/PnzIrl890o
CeeLee http://swimintheadultpool.com/2014/03/14/its-been-a-star-studded-week-the-lighthouse-award/
Renea Mason  http://reneamason.com
Poet Quinn http://perspiringpoet.wordpress.com/2014/02/19/no-be-lang-noo
Faith Ashlin http://t.co/uoOgTgVyXY


  1. ooh. Milord De Bernier eh. Love his Birds Without Wings book . Now was that so painful really!

    1. Um, yep. I am dull and boring, and it's so hard to make myself sound, well, interesting. But thanks for the award. I really do appreciate it. :-) Yes, I just like the deceptively simple way de Bernieres writes. xx

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