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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The good, the bad, and the ugly of mouldy cheese and its effect on Lady Fury

In the olden days when ships were powered by sail and at the mercy of the winds, travel was a long and arduous affair. A brisk mistral, a terrifying typhoon, or the dreary doldrums, all dictated how long it would take to get from Port A to Port B.

Fresh food only lasted a few days at best, and so most ship larders stocked crudely preserved goods. Weevilly biscuits; maggoty vegetables; salted meat which required soaking to bring it back to anything that looked like meat; and cheese covered with a grey-green fur. Yes, mouldy cheese!

Our good friend, Lady Fury, would have had to endure these culinary horrors. No wonder she is an ill-tempered and – difficult – woman! Today – Moldy Cheese Day - The Unraveling of Lady Fury is showcased on the Etopia Press Facebook page. To win a copy of Shehanne Moore’s fabulous book, just click here and leave a comment on Etopia’s page. Simple.

As for Lady Fury’s long sea voyages with Captain Flint I have some advice her ladyship. At great expense to the management and in honour of Moldy Cheese Day, I have come to dear Milady Fury’s aid and, with the people over at Curd Nerd, have a solution to the problem of mouldy cheese.
The Curd Nerd gurus agree that in the wonderful world of mixing together milk, cultures and bacteria you can end up with some pretty funky looking new friends living on your cheese. So visit their site to find out about all the different varieties of mould, and what you should do about them.
Bon appetit!


  1. Milady clark...what can I say except thank you . I am speechless. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Well, now that is a novel concept. For both yourself, Ms Shey, AND for Lady Fury. Neither of you are usually short of something to say. ;-)