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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The A.B.C. Award

My inimitable friend and fellow author, Shehanne Moore, has nominated me for an ABC Award. I am truly grateful that you bestowed this on me, Shey. Thank you.

Today – the first day of 2014 – is the perfect time to look at ourselves and seek out what really makes us tick. So, in keeping with the inevitable rules surrounding the acceptance of this award, I’ll do my very best to play honestly.

The rules are as simple as ABC!
1.    Display the logo and link back to the person who gave you the award.

2.    Nominate some other blogs.

3.    Work through the alphabet writing one word or phrase about yourself or things you like or associate with yourself, that begins A...B....C....  All 26 of them.

A – Abhor Arrogance; Adore my grandchildren Andy and Abbie
B – Books
C – Cats, Chardonnay, Chocolate
D – my Doggies too
E – Equality for all
F – Friends and Family
G – Grateful
H – Health, Happiness, and Humour
I – Internet
J – Justice, Joviality, Mum Jokes
K – skip
L – Love, of course
M - My Mum, entering her 96th year, Music, Merriment
N – Never say Never
O – If I hadn’t already used E, I’d say I was Eccentric, but Odd will do
P - skip
Q - Quirky
R – Really Suck at This
S – see above
T – see above
U - skip
V – Verity
W – Wine, Work, Words,
X – Long gone
Y – Not?
Z – zzzzzz
OK, I now bestow this award on:
Elizabeth Ellen Carter   http://eecarter.com/
Sharon Struth   http://www.sharonstruth.com/

Susanne Bellamy   http://www.susannebellamy.com/

and now, linking back to the person who gave me this award, Shehanne Moore.


  1. Happy New Year Noelle. May this be the one for you. Hee Hee love the truly grateful when this award is a SOB. But Noelle I liked what you came up with. xxx

  2. happy new year and lots of skips. got abducted by a kangaroo by any chance :D
    he he have a great new year Lady Clark

    1. Thank you my Ranting friend. :-) No kangaroos around my street, but I do get the occasional koala visit. Have to make sure my dogs are kept inside cos they frighten them. Yeah, if there was a competition, your Alphabet Soup would win hands down. Was very clever. Mine was ... bleh. Happy New Year! Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! :-)

  3. My Mum always taught me to be polite when people give me things, even if it's hideous. ;-) But I know, Shey, that it's the thought that counts. :-)

  4. Thanks for the tag, Noelle. I had lots of fun with this! I do love a word challenge!

  5. What a fun award. Thanks for tagging me and enjoyed your list, esp. Zzzz after the holiday madness!