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Monday, October 17, 2011

Vale Sara Douglass 1957 - 2011

It has taken me a couple of weeks to finally mention the death of best selling Australian author, Sara Douglass, in my blog. I have been busy reading other people's blogs, people who knew her longer and a lot better than me, people who have read every book that the prolific author published.

But I came to know Sara Douglass through my son who has been an avid fan for a long time. For years he begged me to read the trilogy, Troy Games, and for years I resisted. Eventually I tackled the page heavy first book and found that I actually DID love historical fantasy, that Greek mythology was exciting, interesting, fun and I found that I could not put the book down.

However, it was on Sara Douglass's (real name Sara Warneke) blog called Non Such Kitchen Gardens that I found the Sara that I knew. She lived in a stone cottage in Hobart, Tasmania. She had totally renovated the cottage to make it beautiful; she had simply the best kitchen garden growing in a climate that is so foreign to my sunny little vege patch in Brisbane has; she had two cats, and she was a solo pilot in life, much like me. Her wit, sometimes sharp, her humour, and her wonderful weaving of words, endeared her to me, no matter that I had never read one of her books until only a year or so ago.

I am putting a link here to Sara's most poignant piece of writing ever so that others who may unfortunately find themselves in the same predicament that Sara found herself, can be comforted. It is called 'The Silence of Dying'. Please take the time to read it. http://nonsuchkitchengardens.com/wordpress/?p=606

Goodbye Sara Douglass. Thanks for the books that will live on as classics. Thanks also for your blog called NonSuch. I loved it and will miss it.

http://warneke.id.au/wp/?p=6188 a nice eulogy from Sara's brother

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