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Sunday, October 2, 2011

A busy month behind me

All my good intentions of writing at least one blog a week in the lead up to my first ever NaNoWriMo went down the gurgler when my work commitments took over in a very drastic fashion. A server upgrade to our system led to two weeks of crisis meetings at a very high level, long days, sleepless nights, and a fairly chaotic home life on top of all that, meant that I just couldn't either find time to write anything, or my muse had left me temporarily for more peaceful places.

So, here I am on the 2nd October. A new month, well into spring now, and the weather is temperamental. We had 33 and 37 degree days in the first weeks of September, and now I sit here with a jumper on because it is a chilly 10 degrees at 5am on Sunday morning.

I went to bed early last night so that I could get up and start planning my next chapter. I need to have clear direction for when Wrimo starts. Here are my thoughts from this morning:

- the meeting
- the wedding plans, the wedding
- Oliver and Darl after the wedding taking a walk along the Bund
- the political climate
- transfers
- another wedding

that will do for now. Off to get researching and planning now.


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