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Thursday, June 6, 2013

A day in the life of: Author Sharon Struth

Continuing in the series of chats with authors about how, and where, they spend their writing day, I have great pleasure in chatting with Sharon Struth.

Sharon is a multi-award winning author, writer of non-fiction, and fiction. ‘The Hourglass’ is Sharon’s latest release, published by Etopia Press. She is currently working on another novel, ‘Share the Moon’, and I'm very much looking forward to discussing her books here today.

Hi Sharon. Thanks so much for coming to chat with me today. It's an honour to have a writer with so many credits – and experience – under her belt. With you in Connecticut, USA, and me in Australia, I’m curious to see if there are any things we do differently in our writing world. First of all, I'd love to ask you about a typical writing day. I'm interested in the 'where' and 'how' of your writing routine.

Sharon: Hi Noelle! Thanks for hosting me today.

Noelle: Even though you are currently a full-time writer, do the constraints of everyday life force you to write to a set routine in order to meet your writing goals? Special times or days?

Sharon: I treat my writing like I would any other job and work on a set schedule from about 7:30 in the morning until 5 or 6 o’clock at night. Of course, the one big difference is that after my shower, I toss on sweatpants, flip-flops and forgo any makeup. While an at-home job requires great discipline, the wardrobe perks are worth it!

Noelle: That is certainly a benefit. :-) Where do you like to write? Do you have a space where you can immerse yourself without outside distractions? Or do you feel best writing at the kitchen bench?

Sharon: I turned a spare bedroom into an office. I still keep a bed in the room, however, and one of my dogs (a miniature schnauzer) sleeps there all day and watches me work. Best officemate a person could ask for!

Noelle: Both my little dogs sit at my feet as I write, but unfortunately they often ask for attention, which is quite distracting. Is there anything in your environment that you find particularly motivating or inspiring for your writing?

Sharon: Not inside the office, but whenever I get stuck while writing, I usually go for a walk or a drive in the car. I do some of my best “writing” when I step away from the computer.

Noelle: Do you like music playing in the background as you write?

Sharon: No. I couldn’t concentrate. I was even like that years ago when in college, where I’d have go into quiet “study” rooms to get my work done.

Noelle: Your latest book, The Hourglass, was released recently. It seems that we have something in common – we both have heroines who are forging new lives, digging deep, and finding inner strength. The Hourglass deals with crushing loss, angst, guilt. These are themes that must resonate with many readers. Were there times when you had to dig deep yourself, to be able to write the book?

Sharon: Yes. I understand loss and the guilt associated with losing someone close to you. Mine was due to losing my dad at the age of fourteen. He was an alcoholic who committed suicide. A part of me always felt guilty that I couldn’t help him have a different outlook on life. It took many years for me to see that only those who want to be fixed can be fixed. But in this story the characters experience some of the same emotions I did.

Noelle: Is the character CJ Morrison what you would call the ‘typical hero’ in a book?

Sharon: Not at all. CJ is a troubled man. He made a single mistake that changed his life ten years before the book opens and cannot forgive himself. Because of this, he may seem a bit edgy on the surface at first, but the reader soon learns that deep down he’s a loyal, caring man. He simply needs to find a way to let the past go.

Noelle: Do you work on just one project at a time?

Sharon: For the most part, but lately I seem to have edits of completed books ongoing while I try to write new material.

Noelle: How long did you take to write The Hourglass?

Sharon: About a year. Then I edited it off and on for a full year while writing another book.

Noelle: During the writing process, what writing support groups do you surround yourself with?

Sharon: I just work with one other person…my first writing teacher, who has turned out to be a friend, mentor and wonderful editor of my material.

Noelle: Would you say your new book, Share the Moon, has a similar theme to The Hourglass?

Sharon: No. Share the Moon is about knowing where you belong, realizing that everything in your life points you in the direction for a reason. A reason we sometimes don’t understand until it stares us in the face.

Noelle: Sounds great! So, finally Sharon, where can readers connect with you?

Sharon: For a book trailer, excerpt and book group questions on The Hourglass, readers can go to… www.thehourglassnovel.com

Sharon’s Website: www.sharonstruth.com

Buy links:
Barnes and Noble:
All Romance E-books:

Sharon: Again, Noelle, thanks for hosting me on your lovely blog! I look forward to hearing from some of your readers.

Noelle: The pleasure is all mine, Sharon, and I hope that many Australian readers will drop by and say hello. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your world of writing, and good luck with Share the Moon.

Watch the book trailer for The Hourglass here:


  1. Hi Noelle! Thanks for hosting me today. I'm looking forward to meeting some of your followers.

    1. The pleasure is all mine, Sharon. I hope lots of people drop by and see what a fabulous book you have. :-)

  2. so nice to see you here Sharon. Quick loup across the globe from yesterday! But we got the sun here today YES!!! Noelle is a fab host and I so admire your honesty no matter how painful that can be at times

  3. Good morning, Shehanne! Yeah, I'm exhausted with all this globe hopping! Glad you have sunshine today. Love a sunny day! Thanks for admiring my honesty...hope those close to me aren't tired of it yet :-)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi Sharon. The Hourglass sounds like a lovely read that will touch many. I can imagine there's a heroine who helps CJ let go of his past. Congratulations hope it goes really well. :-)

  5. Hi Louise, Thank you for your kind remarks. I tried to write a hopeful story. Thanks for stopping by.:-)

  6. Hi everyone. Shey and Louise, thanks for popping by to meet my new friend Sharon. I'm very happy to have had the opportunity to find out more about 'The Hourglass'. It's definitely on my 'to read' list and I'll be getting stuck into it this long weekend.

    Thanks and cheers for now

  7. Hello, What a great interview. Sounds as though I'll be needing some Kleenex close by when I read this one. Thank you again Noelle for bringing us another great novel to read! Robyn

  8. Hi Robyn,
    Lol...There are a few scenes where you might need a kleenex or two :-) , but there's humor, romance and lots of other everyday things in the book, too. I tried to go for real life, where problems even mean life goes on and we have to step into the world again. Thanks so much for posting.

  9. I can relate to the guilt of not being able to help an alcoholic parent. This book sounds intriguing - I'm glad there will be a happy ending for Brenda. Just what I need at the moment. Shauna Blake.

  10. Hi Shauna. It sounds like we can relate on that alcoholic parent thing. I drew from my own experience growing up with an alcoholic father when I created Brenda. Sometimes it's a rough road, but I always want to believe in happy endings. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Hi Shauna. Thanks for popping in to visit. I'm sure you'll love 'The Hourglass'.

  12. Hi Teena. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm glad you loved Sharon's book. Cheers. Noelle.