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Monday, November 9, 2015

Second Chance Cafe - meet Abbie Jackson

Second Chance Cafe is a collection of four very different short stories about love, relationships, and hope.

This anthology is proudly brought to you from four Australian authors:  

Susanne Bellamy
Elizabeth Ellen Carter
Noelle Clark
and debut author - Abbie Jackson.

Today I spoke with Abbie Jackson.

Q. Abbie – firstly HUGE congratulations on your debut publication. I loved reading your story  – Shannon’s Legacy – in the anthology Second Chance Café, but have to admit to reaching for the tissues a couple of times. J  Can you tell us the inspiration for this story?

Thank you so much, Noelle! I’m so pleased to be a part of this anthology.

Yes, Shannon’s Legacy is not your standard romance novel, for sure.  The inspiration for this novella came to me after a lunch meeting with the other authors involved in the trilogy where we were all discussing ideas for Second Chance Café, and what ‘a second chance’ really meant to me.

I think, so often in life, things happen to us that are beyond our control, just as it did for Shannon.  What I wanted to portray to the readers is, sometimes you really need to push for your second chance in life, not wait for it to be handed to you. 

Q. What’s the best part about collaborating in a project such as the Second Chance Café anthology?

Oh, that’s an easy one – the knowledge and experience being bestowed on me by the other authors I am collaborating with.  As my debut publication, I have so much to learn about the publishing world and each of the ladies in the anthology are so gracious with their time and knowledge.  I really feel like I’ve won the lotto!

Q. It’s very obvious that you have a background in the medical or pathology field. Do you find
that this knowledge influences the type of stories you like to write?

That’s right, Noelle.  I spent thirteen years working in Pathology across different disciplines and always thoroughly enjoyed learning new things in the medical field.  That spark within me clearly shines through in Shannon’s Legacy and I look forward to writing more novels with a medical influence.

Q. I love the characters in your story: husband and wife – Shannon and Matt; and of course their little boy. Does your insight into family dynamics come from your real life?

Yes and no.  Shannon is based loosely on me, or more accurately, how I think I would react in a situation such as hers.  Matt is a figment of my imagination entirely.  His view on the situation is the flipside of Shannon’s, but no less real.  I love the way that he doesn’t agree with Shannon’s course of action, but still supports her all the way.  Little Anderson is based on my own son.  I adore that character!

Q. The minor character of Shannon’s mother, Joy, is well drawn too, and acts as I imagine any mother would in a situation such as Shannon’s. Did you consider that the character could have turned out to be anything other than supportive?

I really don’t.  Joy was the lynchpin in the story for me.  She was steady rock that kept the world turning for this family while Shannon and Matt found their feet.  She guided Shannon in actions that she wouldn’t have considered for herself and Joy kept the ‘big picture’ in mind, because at that time, Matt and Shannon couldn’t. 

Q. Both Matt and Shannon are dealing with enormous pressure, yet their love for each other never wavers. Did you set out to create characters who supported each other despite initially having doubts about the direction?

I didn’t intentionally create this dynamic.  When the story began to form in my mind, I knew Shannon’s medical history and the ending.  I consider myself a real ‘planner’ with my writing, but this story really wrote itself.  As each scene progressed, I had a picture of each character forming in my mind and asked myself questions like, “How will Matt respond to this?”

I really love how each character turned out though and am sure there are families out there who have unwavering support, just like this family.  Even though I had tears writing some scenes, I had a smile shining through those tears at the end.

Q. What can readers expect to see from Abbie Jackson in the coming months? Is there another book on the way?

Well, I’m pleased to say, Noelle, that I’ve been very busy since writing Shannon’s Legacy.  I have outlined a crime trilogy, Dealer Always Wins, and the first instalment is nearly finished.  I am also writing a children’s series called Pippa The Pirate.  So, hopefully the readers won’t have too long to wait!

Q. Can you please share a blurb about the story – Shannon’s Legacy?

Shannon's cancer has spread and she is running out of time.  Fast! She is determined to find a miracle for her death sentence, but what she discovers along the way may be just the second chance she needed.
Her husband, Matt wants to enjoy her remaining time as a family, not in a hospital, and Shannon must also prepare her young son for a future without her. Will Shannon's determination be enough?

Q. When can readers get a copy of the anthology – Second Chance Café?

Black Friday! November 13 will see the release of Second Chance Café on most good e-tailers.
Pre-orders open on 1 November.

And if you’d like to leave us a review, we’d consider it a fab Christmas gift!

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About Abbie Jackson

Abbie Jackson is a young mum of four toddlers, runs her own business, and in her spare time (that’s a joke), she writes novels and enjoys cooking and baking.

Abbie lives in South-East Queensland and has travelled extensively around the world prior to having her family. Abbie loves writing across multiple genres including fantasy, sci-fi, romance, crime and children’s stories.

Contact Abbie

Website: www.abbiejackson.net
email: authorabbiejackson@gmail.com
Facebook: Abbie Jackson
Twitter: AbbieJackson111


  1. A great interview, and wonderful to learn more about you, Abbie. All the very best as you embark on your writing career. I am in awe!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Susanne. Yes, it is wonderful to learn more about Abbie, and I think she has a wonderful future ahead of her as a writer.

  2. Lovely to meet Abbie. May I say she is in great company with her debut. All the best to the four of you ladies.

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