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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Season to Remember - A Christmas Anthology blog tour - #1

A micro-story exclusively for you:

This blog tour brings very special people together. People who would never normally meet. This is the first stop on our theme of delving deep into the psyche of our characters from the forthcoming Christmas anthology - A Season to Remember - and today, through the magic author wand, we time travel and meet up with Laura from 'Three Ships', and Kitty from 'Sands of Time'. They meet quite by chance at a Christmas party held by a friend.

It was Christmas Day, and eighteen year old Laura Winter had just walked into the parlour and been introduced to the recently widowed Kitty Pryor. They shook hands, and a moment later a silent waiter approached holding a silver tray with two cut crystal glasses filled with bright mahogany-coloured sherry. They took a glass and raised it to each other in a toast.

“Merry Christmas, Laura.” Kitty smiled warmly at the pretty young girl.

“Merry Christmas to you too, Mrs. Pryor.”

Their eyes met as they took a sip of sherry and in an instant, Laura felt her shoulders relax. She didn’t know a soul at the party. Thank goodness she had someone to talk to.

“Let’s sit here on the sofa. My legs are aching from standing so long.” Kitty hobbled over and sat heavily on the tapestry suite. Laura joined the older woman and, for Dutch courage, took another sip of the sweet wine.

“Ah, that’s better,” said Kitty as she settled back on the seat. She turned to the young girl with an inquisitive gaze. “I haven’t seen you around these parts before. Tell me about yourself.”

Laura sank back against the padded back of the sofa, and exhaled. Normally she hated going to social occasions. She much preferred the solitary life in the lighthouse. But something about this older woman made her feel as though she had known her for ever.

“Well, I live on St Joseph's Rock. It's a tidal island off the Devon Coast near the town of Ashton-On-Sea. My father is a lighthouse keeper,” she said.

“I'm here with my fiance, Michael Renten, he's a Commander in the Royal Navy.”

Mrs Pryor smiled. It was a lovely smile but one that didn't miss a thing.

“I've found out where you live, who your father is and who you are engaged to, but you still haven't told me about yourself.”

“Oh!” Laura stopped and paused. No one had ever asked her that question before. She gave it another moment's thought then continued.

“I'm training to be a teacher, well for the moment, although I'll give that up when I marry—it won't go to waste though.” Laura blushed. “I plan to teach my children, if we're so blessed.”

“Ah, the young women of today have it good,” said Mrs Pryor. “Young women back in my day had to give up work when they married too. Today women can go back to work six weeks after having children.”

Laura's eyes widened. “Who looks after their children?”

“Teachers like yourself. Most women can't afford to stay home with their babies.”

After a shake of her head, Laura took another sip of her drink. “I think the future is very confusing.”

Thank you to Elizabeth Ellen Carter - author of Three Ships, for contributing to this very special and exclusive micro-story of the meeting of two women - one old, and one young.

On November 28th, you'll be able to download your free gift copy of A Season to Remember, and enjoy four stories full of romance, adventure, love, and Christmas. Stay tuned for the download link.


  1. Great conversation and so interesting to read a conversation between women 'living' two centuries apart. Doesn't it show how society has evolved!

    1. Thanks Susanne. The thing I find interesting is that when two (or more) authors collaborate, two totally opposing thoughts collide, making for a very interesting outcome. How exciting that our brains are so different - makes for endless possibilities.

  2. Thank you so so much Noelle! This project has been so much fun and I loved the opportunity to bring two such interesting heroines together!

    1. Hi Elizabeth. The project, and all of our joint blogs, have been enormous fun. I love working with you and the other girls. Exciting sparks fly when we put our ideas together.