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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Catching up with the bubbly, always happy ... Kendall Talbot

Kendall, I’m thrilled to have you visit my blog again. The last time you dropped in was just prior to your first release – Lost in Kakadu. Well, that book has been phenomenally popular, both in Australia and overseas. Congratulations on its success!

I thought that your readers might like to know what’s been happening in your life in the ten months since Lost in Kakadu was released.

The adrenalin rush of getting that first book published is a very special feeling. Does it still give you a buzz?

Absolutely. I’m so lucky to still have Lost in Kakadu in several bestseller charts and it’s a buzz seeing my book cover up there amongst some very big author names.

Kendall, that's true! And not only that, but you have been nominated in some very prestigious awards lists recently too. Take a look at these:

  • Best Romantic Suspense for 2013
  • Best Book Cover for 2013
  • Best New Author for 2013
  • And, nominated as Australia's Favourite Novelist of 2013 by Booktopia
BREAKING NEWS: As of today, 11th June, Kendall Talbot is now also a finalist in the 'Stories with Romantic Elements' category of the very prestigious RWA - Romance Writers of Australia R*BY Awards, otherwise known as the RUBY Award. Congratulations Kendall, and all the other finalists. Winners will be announced at the RWA Conference in Sydney on August 10th.
Link to all the other finalists here:

‘Lost in Kakadu’ is a very Australian book – in setting and story – yet it has been very well received in many countries around the world, especially in the UK and USA. Does this surprise you? And what is it about your book that you think appeals to overseas readers?

It doesn’t surprise me that Lost in Kakadu appeals to an international audience. I’ve travelled quite extensively and in my experience everyone loves Australians and Australia. My book takes the reader into one of Australia’s very special heritage listed National Parks and shows off just how amazing our country is.
Kendall emerging from the plane hangar

What has Kendall Talbot been doing since Lost in Kakadu was released?

The first couple of months after the book was released was completely crazy and in hindsight I wish I’d been more prepared.

My book launch was very exciting with 125 guests. It was set in a small warehouse that I decorated into a jungle scene, complete with real plants and plane parts. My guests were treated to a couple of sexy male topless waiters who served green champagne and aptly named jungle juice.

Kendall with the Pilot and First Officer of the plane that crashed in Kakadu

Doing 'research'. Mm, these abs do feel good.
(Oh yeah! I was there, remember? That was the most awesome book launch ever! Especially the topless pilots/waiters). Seriously, I took the opportunity to get in some...research. 

Yes, Noelle. I saw you, manhandling my pilots. I mean, waiters. 

Anyway, back to the question. Blog tours keep me very busy too and I love attending writing conferences, not only for the information but also for the networking.

Sorry, I just had to include that pic. ;-)

Can you share anything about your current work in progress with us?

I have two manuscripts that I’m ready to start submitting for publication. Double Take is a gritty urban crime novel with a dash of romance. Treasured Love is a high stakes action adventure that involves a missing 700 year old treasure, an evil priest and of course a passionate romance.

Do you consider that your latest stories blur the genre edges? Are they strictly romantic suspense, or are there other elements in them that make them different from Lost in Kakadu?

My next books are very different to Lost in Kakadu, in fact it would be hard to write another book like Kakadu, it’s very much in its own style. Double Take is a crime novel set in Brisbane. The bank my characters are planning to rob was one I once worked in. I never felt safe at that bank, and this story has been manifesting in my brain for about 15 years.  It’s set in 1991 before mobile phones and the World Wide Web existed. I had so much fun going back to that era.

You are an adventure junkie! If people don’t believe me, they should check out your website at http://www.kendalltalbot.com.au/  to see photos of you doing amazingly dangerous things. What adventures have you had in the last ten months?
Hang gliding over Rio de Janeiro
My son went to Brazil for a 12 month student exchange, so of course we just had to visit. One of the most amazing things I did there was hang glide off an 800m high cliff. It was completely exhilarating taking that giant step. Gliding over the spectacular Brazilian coastline was incredible. We landed safely on the beach just down from Copacabana, then settled in for a few Caipirinha drinks served in coconuts and watched all the incredibly fit bodies play beach volleyball. 

L-R Kendall's sister, her mum, and Kendall
on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the coldest May day
on record.

The other amazing thing I’ve done recently was climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge with my mum. It was so special to share that experience with her. This is a must do for every Australian.

Will these dare devil antics end up in a future story?
I don’t have any plans to use hang gliding just yet, but you never know. But Treasured Love has quite a few scenes involving scuba diving - another one of my adrenalin passions.

Do you consider that your writing style has changed as you travel the journey of being a published and more experienced author?

I would say I’ve become much more confident in myself as a writer. I learnt so much about character arcs, plot and structure with my debut novel. Lost in Kakadu was certainly risky as a romance novel, but my next novel Double Take is even more unique and risky. I can’t wait to get it out there and hear what my readers think about it.

What is it that drives you to write stories?

A couple of things drive me to write. My husband works interstate, and I refuse to waste time watching television, so writing is my escape from boredom. But what I’ve found is that I simply love the escapism, to be able to fall into my own world, create amazing characters and take them on an adventure filled journey is so much fun. Often their journeys are to places I’ve been to and reliving that experience through my characters is magic.

Finally, are you able to share an excerpt or teaser from one of your soon-to-be-released books with us?

Sure. Here’s an excerpt from Double Take:

Jack heard a car outside and quickly ran his hand through the dollar signs he’d doodled on the dusty table. He stood up, hitched his loose jeans and wiped his sweaty palms down his thighs as he waited to see who it was.
The ancient door emitted an eerie creaking noise as a tall, raven-haired woman stepped over the threshold. She commanded attention in an emerald green dress that moulded to her hourglass figure and he obliged by openly drinking in her appearance. The soft white mounds of her breasts bulged from the plunging neckline and a lock of hair, long, dark and silky, fell loosely over her shoulder and nudged the valley of those luscious curves.
Jack swallowed loudly. “Hello, Rachel.”
She strode toward him with a bold confidence that made him step back. Since he’d called her a week earlier he’d been visualizing how their reunion would play out. But even if he’d been given a whole year to imagine ways she’d greet him, he would never have guessed being pinned to the wall with her forearm across his chest as one of them.
It was several heartbeats before his mind kicked into gear. “What the‒”
“Shut up,” she snapped. With the swiftness of a viper, her hand shot down the front of his jeans.
Jack recoiled and tried to escape, but she quite literally had him by the balls. “What the hell?”
 “I said shut up.” She squeezed tighter. The freshness of her peppermint breath did little to sweeten the evil in her eyes.
As a hot rush burned his neck, sweat dribbled from his arm pits. He didn’t know whether to laugh at her or yell at her.
Rachel’s eyes drilled into him. “If you cross me,” she hissed in an acid voice, “I’ll cut your balls off with a rusty can.”
“I wouldn’t ‒”
“I will hunt you down,” she cut in. “Do you understand?”
As Jack nodded he wondered what the hell had happened to her. The girl he remembered wouldn’t have even raised her voice, let alone done this.
           “Good.” Rachel’s hand slipped out of his jeans and she stepped back. “I’m glad we had this conversation.” She raised her hand and Jack braced for a slap. But instead she gently cupped his cheek. “So… what’s this all about?”

Kendall, thank you so much for coming along today. The only thing missing from this interview is that magical laugh of yours, which – those that know you personally – will having ringing in their ears. I know that your legion of fans love to hear what you’ve been up to, and are anxiously awaiting the next release from you.

Contact Kendall:

Twitter:   @KendallBooks

Where you can buy Lost in Kakadu:
Google Play
Mills and Boon
Nook Books


  1. Great interview ladies. I love how Kendall writes rather than watches TV, I do that, too! And it's so nice to see a happy, smiling author who enjoys life! Congrats on the great success and good luck with the new book.

    1. Hi Deb. Lovely to see you here. Thanks for the comment. I think Kendall is away this weekend (probably climbing mountains - or jumping off them), but I'm sure she'll be thrilled to read your comment. You are a very dedicated writer too, and the adventures you can have in your books are so much better than any TV show. :-)

    2. Hi Deb, thank you for reading Noelle's blog post. I wish I was climbing a mountain this weekend, but sadly nothing as exciting. Life is too short to waste on TV, I'm just grateful I have a fabulous passion to invest my time into.

  2. Lol, love the pix of the waiters! What a great post ladies.

    1. LOL. Thanks for visiting Shey. Yes, that was some book launch!! :-)

  3. HI Noelle, thank you so much for interviewing me. I look back on those book launch photos often. What a fun event it was, and yes, you're right it was great research indeed. I can't believe ten months has whizzed by already.

    1. It was a fab book launch!! :-) So glad you could come and visit my blog. x

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