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Sunday, July 14, 2013

A day in the life of: Author Kendall Talbot

Today I’m thrilled to have my good friend, and fellow writing group buddy, Kendall Talbot on my blog. Kendall and I belong to a small but productive writing group called YON Beyond. There are only 7 of us, but we meet monthly at either our State Library in Brisbane, or at a local coffee shop. We also meet online once a week and chat, write, and generally catch up.
Kendall’s debut novel, Lost in Kakadu, is being released on August 1st through Escape Publishing, and I can’t wait! I’m also attending a private book launch party, which should be fantastic.

Kendall Talbot

For those of you not from Australia, Kakadu National Park is Australia’s largest park. Situated in the very far north of Australia, in the Northern Territory, it is a rugged, crocodile infested wilderness area, the likes of which is rare to be found anywhere else. I was lucky enough to go on a camping trip through Kakadu many years ago, before it was designated a National Park, and trust me, it is a stunning place.
So, I’d like to introduce you all to Kendall, and hear about her adventurous life, and her marvellous book.
Noelle: How long have you been writing Lost in Kakadu?
Kendall: I started and finished ‘Lost in Kakadu’ during the ‘Year of the Novel’ course at the Queensland Writers Centre in 2008. But it has taken me five years, dozens of re-writes, and a year with a professional editor to get it to where it is now.

Bird's eye view of Kakadu
Noelle: Sounds like a labour of love, but well worth it. What or who inspired you to write about Kakadu?
Kendall: I love a great survival story – ‘Titanic’, ‘Bear Grylls’, ‘I shouldn’t Have Survived’, I also love a good romance. But it was while I was hiking the Milford Trek in New Zealand that the idea formed to have a survival romance set in Australia’s heritage listed Kakadu National Park.
Noelle: What sort of research did you do to bring your story to life?
A young Aboriginal boy eating witchetty grubs.
Kendall: I love hiking in our great Australian bush but I also did some pretty crazy things. I ate witchetty grubs that I dug from my garden, made slingshots with my bras and sat in the bush in the pouring rain. Thankfully I’ve never experienced a plane crash, that scene is pure fiction – though there are plenty of movies that I drew on for inspiration.
Noelle: Okay, well remind me not to come over for dinner when you’re researching! Tell us about the heroine and hero:
Kendall: Abigail was inspired by a previous boss I had who was a complete bitch. I imagined what would be the worst thing I could do to her. And crashing her into rugged Australian bush without any luxuries was the answer. But then I wanted to make her suffer more so I made her survive the crash with a complete stranger. Someone she’d never associate with…are you ready…a bisexual man (gasp). During the course of the book, Abigail learns more about herself than she did in her whole life. It’s beautiful to follow her transformation.
Mackenzie on the other hand is a true hero. He’s deliciously handsome, has an Adonis body, eyes the colour of molten honey and cooks a mean snake kebab.  His life has been a rollercoaster of tragedy and triumph. Mackenzie is unashamed of being bisexual and during the course of the book, he teaches Abigail what love really means.
Together Abigail and Mackenzie must learn to survive in an environment that’s as beautiful as it is brutal - if they don’t kill each other first.

A salt water croc in Kakadu
Noelle: I wonder if your former boss will ever read this book and say, hey, that’s me! J Have you written any other books? Are they also set in the rugged bush?
Kendall: I have a couple of works in progress. Treasured Love is the next book I hope to have published. It’s a modern day treasure hunt with a 700 year old mystery, an evil priest, and a dash of romance. It takes you on a journey from the stunning beaches of Australia, to historical Tuscany and into the exotic waters of the Greek Islands. It’s a fabulous ride and was loads of fun to write.
Noelle: What tips would you have for aspiring authors who feel passionate about the stories they write:
Kendall: Firstly - if your story isn’t written down then just write the next 250 words. And then the next. Gradually it will come together. Everyone has time for 250 words. Each day you’ll find yourself thinking of the next section, so when you do have time, you will produce it with ease.
Secondly - Set yourself milestones and go for them. Whether it’s finishing the novel, researching it, submitting it to publishers or planning a complete series. Write your goals down and stay focused on them.
Thirdly – Surround yourself with writing help. Build a network of writing buddies, join writing organisations such as the Queensland Writers Centre and Romance Writers Australia, or hire an expert. My book would never be where it is without all of these, especially my editor. Oh and never stop learning your craft, join courses, read what your favourite authors have to say, and subscribe to writing magazines or websites.
Finally – believe in yourself…if you LOVE your story then the chances are someone else will too.
Noelle: Kendall, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us about your forthcoming book. I can’t wait to get my hands on it on release day – 1st August. Where can readers get a hold of it?
Kendall: It will be out on Amazon and all good online booksellers. Best ideas is to visit the Escape Publishing website.

Noelle: And finally, where can readers connect with you?

So, where will my world-wide wanderings take me next?


  1. Lost in Kakadu sounds like a journey of being found on many, many levels. Love the humor of what could you do to a woman who deserves the worst. Priceless. Kendall, congrats on your upcoming release. I look forward to diving into your book, head first. Noelle, as usual, you shine brightly. Hugs!

    1. Hi Susan, thank you for reading Noelle's blog. My boss did deserve the worst and simply killing her would be too nice. In my story Abigail changes dramatically, I don't hold any hope for my ex-boss though. I'm delighted that you want to read it. Cheers.

    2. Susan, so fab to see you here. You will love this book. Thanks mate. xx

  2. Hi Noelle, thank you so much for having me. Lost in Kakadu was a labour of love and I hope my readers enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Especially readers like you who have been to Kakadu, this amazing landscape is as brutal as it is beautiful and the perfect place for a survival story.

  3. Hey, Kendall. I know how hard you've worked on this book. It's a stunning concept, a wonderful location, and I know how good your story-telling is. It's a pleasure to call you a friend, and I'm so looking forward to your book coming out.

  4. Oh I do love a good 'shipwrecked' type scenario. Looking forward to your debut release--such a good date (hubby's birthday). Your WIP also sounds lots of fun; Tuscany is so beautiful, and I'm hoping our next trip might be to Greece so count me in!
    Best wishes, Kendall. Great blog, Noelle.
    Cheers, Susanne

    1. Susanne, thanks for dropping in. Yes, I'm looking forward to Kendall's book release too. Cheers, Noelle.

    2. Thank you for reading this Susanne and also taking the time to look at my next book on my website. My beautiful hubby surprised me with a holiday to Tuscany for our 20th anniversary. It's the perfect place to write a treasure hunt mystery romance. Writing the book took me back to those wonderful old buildings and the ancient city of Florence. That's why I love writing. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy Kakadu

  5. What a fabulous, fabulous blog ladies. And Kendall, that cover is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Sheh, It's an anxious time waiting to see what your book cover looks like and I was so happy when it finally arrived. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't like it. Lucky I do.

  6. Great to see you here Shey! Thanks. Yes, it's a fabulous cover, and I'm sure we'll all love the book as well. Thanks for dropping by. x

  7. Great post Noelle and Kendall. I'm an Aussie but live in California, also a romance author. My brother lived in Gove for a long time and Mum (an artist) got to visit him. They went to Kakadu and she still talks about it twenty five years later. Unfortunately I never got to visit, but now I will via your book. Wishing you much success. : )

    1. Hi Robena. Thanks so much for stopping by. Well, Gove is definitely an 'out of the way' place! Did your Mum paint any pictures of Kakadu? Thanks for your good wishes and really nice to hear from you. Cheers, Noelle.

    2. Hello Robena, thank you for reading about my book and your well wishes. Kakadu is one of those magical places that stays in your memory long after you've left it. I hope you enjoy reading Lost in Kakadu. Cheers