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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Journey to a place I've never been - Perth

Perth, Western Australia

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, is beckoning. It is always an exciting feeling to travel to somewhere that you have never been. I travel a lot with work, and am looking forward to trips to Mt Isa, Canberra and the Gold Coast in the next couple of months, courtesy of work. But I have been to those cities before and whilst I always find something new to enjoy in every place, it’s not quite the same as breaking new ground.

My son Matt is currently working in Perth, so the irresistible pull to see my first born (not to mention the free inner city accommodation) is too much and so I find myself aboard flight QF651 winging my way 4000 kilometres across this vast continent of Australia, swinging down low from Brisbane, flying just south of Adelaide, and across the vast and treacherous seas of the Great Australian Bight, to swing up near Esperance, and then to Perth.

It is a long flight, five and a half hours, and reminds me of long haul overseas flights. As I approach Perth, I think of our plans for the next week – visiting the famous wine districts of Margaret River and the Swan Valley, of visiting Rottnest Island, cruising up the Swan River, and exploring the beaches and nearby towns of this remote city.

Perth lays claim to being the most geographically remote capital city in the world. The waters of the Indian Ocean lap upon the suburban city beaches, a little further south is the great Southern Ocean, and further south beyond the horizon is Antarctica. Nothing in between. If I look hard enough across the horizon from Perth, I might see the amazing continent of Africa. Looking north east, I might see Asia and India. But the most amazing site would be if I peered not so hard eastward and northward, as I would definitely see the amazing deserts and ironstone mountain ranges of the great Australian outback, West Aussie style.

This state is rich in natural minerals, and iron ore, gold, and diamonds are mined here to great effect. The southwest corner, where Perth is situated, is fertile and apart from wines, is famous for producing wonderful cheeses. During the next week, I am sure I will discover what other delights this region produces.

But for now, I arrive at Matt’s apartment and guess what? He has a lovely bottle of Evans & Tate Margaret River chardonnay chilled for us to drink, and Robyn has supplied some lovely Lindt chocolates.

So, welcome to Perth, Western Australia!! Welcome to a place I’ve never been!!

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