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Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's the Christmas Hamster Hamper!!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the hoose

Not a creature was stirring, except hamsters with tongues all a-loose 

They whined and they argued, they’d cooked their own goose 

But the biggest question was, had they been naughty or noice?
Today I am celebrating the fun, friendship, and frivolity that our little friends, the Hamsters from Shey's Blog, deserve. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you ---


Let's meet them all:


The Dood






Hamstah Dickens
The Sheystah
Yes, the little pack of hamsters who have kept Shehanne Moore, and us, company all year are suffering from a very debilitating illness – Christmas Countdown Regret.

You see, everyone knows that for Santa to bring you presents at Christmas, you have to lead an exemplary life, a year of being kind, helpful, friendly, hard working. The big test comes a month or so before Christmas, as soon as all the supermarkets and department stores drag out the tinsel and trees.

And that test is:

Have you been a good hamster all year?
Have you been naughty or nice?

Okay, most of us lie through our teeth, and no doubt some of the hamsters will do that too, but a couple of the more…sensitive…hamsters will answer truthfully, and will wake up on Christmas morning with nothing under the tree for them.

So, in an effort to help Shehanne’s furry little friends step up a little and ensure that they get a gift under the tree from Santa, I’m going to teach them some rules.(We all know how much Shehanne loves rules.)

Rule 1: Thou shalt not whinge, whine, or carry on when Shey constantly overlooks you in favour of some fancy US Best Seller author, or some tramp who writes naughty books.

Rule 2: Thou shalt not interrupt when Shey is speaking. The consequences of you continuing to do this are awful. Heck, you’ve seen what happened to Mr Shey! He’s lost all his hair from being told to shut up all the time. A bald hamster will be a very cold hamster in the freezing Dundonian winter.

Rule 3: Thou shalt learn to bring Shehanne her slippers without her even asking; fill her wine glass before it’s empty; and help her in her new garden. Reason is, a happy Shey makes for a happy day.

Rule 4: Never, never, NEVER, interrupt Shehanne when she is on a deadline, or has edits to do. This will make her angry, and she will withhold certain important…favours…such as feeding you, changing your water bowl, and letting you visit her blog posts.

Time for some Christmas Carols.

Hint: sing this to the tune of the First Noel.
The first little Hamstah, appeared in Shey’s post

And to certain poor authors, they were the ultimate hosts.

Always cheerful and glad, and happy all the while

They brightened our days with their innocent guile.

Hamsters, hamsters, hamsters, hamsters

Move over Shey, and give room to hamsters.

Here's a cute little guy to sing for you:

And now, to follow the Hamsters go and visit Shehanne Moore's BLOG. Click here.


  1. Ha ha ha. This is brilliant Mizzy Clark. Your rules are better than any of mine!! Thank you so much for taking all this time.

    1. My pleasure. Heck, it's the least I can do. The Hammies have kept us all entertained all year!

  2. Dear Noelle
    Thank you for having us to visit. We do not know about the roolz. We have all been very good and we are sure that Santa dude ain't gonna overlook us. Seasons greetings yah hear?
    Love from Vonnie, Vinnie, Silv, Bobsleigh, Tink, Hamsta Dickends and all

    1. Hi there little furry guys! I must say your manners are beautiful. Who taught you such social niceties? It has been fun getting to know you all, although I do struggle with your names, but then again, I call my grandchildren Karob and Timmy (those are my dogs) occasionally.
      I do hope Santa brings you lots of fabbo presents. Happy Christmas little doods.

  3. A Merry Hamstah Christmas to everyone! :D

    Thank you for the smiles!

  4. Well I am here Noelle and I haven't been evicted just yet ;)
    Great post on Shey's Hamstahs. Lots of fun in this post. Ralph :D

    Lots of problems trying to "Comment as:" using WP so I'm annoymous

    1. Hi Ralph. You came!! :-) Thank you! It's great to see you here. Yes, sometimes leaving a comment is so difficult it takes all the spontaneity out of it. But I'm glad you persevered. Come again anytime and I'll put a cuppa on. :-)

    2. YOu? Anonymous!!! Ralpha kid me not. Hugs

  5. Dear Noelle.....we like the pretty lights on your blog much better than Shey's. Maybe we will just stay,,,,,,,,
    The dudes x

    1. Sure, little guys. I have two dogs and two cats, so you'll have plenty of play mates. Uh oh, one of my cats just dragged in a bleeding (literally) lizard so there's one more friend to play with. :-)

  6. Great post. Just checking out the authors of the anthology. I'm already a huge Shey and hamstah fan. She's been entertaining for over a year!. Goodluck with the anthology. Oh--love the lights.

    1. Hi Aubrey! Great to see you here. Normally I chat with you over on Shey's blog. :-) I hope you enjoy our anthology. Just a light Christmassy read to get everyone in the mood. Thanks so much for visiting. Best wishes, Noelle.