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Monday, October 6, 2014

Hard hitting, expertly written: Hard to Forget from Incy Black

If you're a fan of James Bond films, crime novels, the Secret Service, and if you enjoyed British author Incy Black's first novel - Hard to Hold - then her new offering, out today, will have you scrambling for a copy.

Hard to Forget will not disappoint.

Forewarned is forearmed, especially when it comes to Jack Ballentyne, the hero in Hard to Forget. A
man whose motto is: The end justifies the means, and fuck the collateral damage.

Yes, he’s somewhat lacking on the conscience front, but he has his reasons. He’s a Special Agent for a start. With the British Intelligence Service. Tasked with leading a particularly dangerous unit of men unofficially known as ‘The Assassins’. A motley crew of rule breakers whose activities are ‘plausibly deniable’ by necessity.

Back to forewarned...Jack’s not exactly communicative, he’s more a man of action, (vengeful action) so here are a few subjects best avoided should you chance to engage him in conversation.

1.   Shooting Lowry. It’s an incident he’d rather forget.
2.   Having Lowry court-martialed. Another incident he’d rather forget.
3.   His twin, Richard. These two brothers took ‘sibling rivalry’ to the extreme, and the consequences were devastating.
4.   Climbing or Base Jumping. Two activities guaranteed to raise the hairs on Jack’s neck fast. (see Caution 3 above)
5.   Patient Peter. A serial killer so foul, even Jack’s cast-iron stomach churns.
6.   Trust. Jack has a few issues having experienced the whip-lick sting of betrayal.
7.   The Intelligence Service. (see Caution 6 above)
8.   Lowry…actually she’s a fairly safe topic. You may even find it difficult to shut Jack up about his new wife. Just don’t ask about the past, how he met her, what he did to her, or, mention handcuffs.

So, what is Hard to Forget about? Well, you can find the blurb and Chapter 1 free HERE but as a tease here are a couple of quotes:

He didn’t want her trust. What the hell would he do with it?  Jack Ballentyne

Protective custody? What’s that a euphemism for, exactly?  Lowry Fisk

And an endorsement:

"The Hard to… Series is an amazing book series with strong characters and a powerful story. It is truly a MUST-READ series and the author herself is MUST READ and MUST FOLLOW!!!"-- Mia's Point of View

And yes, there are buy links and contact points:

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  1. I have this one bookmarked for my summer holidays! :D

  2. Yikes! Thank you, Noelle...seeing this splendid spread, kick started my day!!!! Incy xxx

    1. So wonderful to have you on my blog. Can't wait to read this. Congratulations on the release, Incy. xx

  3. Noelle has done a great job. Hard To Forget is on my kindle.Can't wait to read it. :)

    1. Thanks, Louise. Incy will be pleased to hear this. Cheers, Noelle.

  4. Sounds like a must read for me :)