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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Life after NaNoWriMo

After my devout dedication to the task, my '30 days of Literary Abandon' - which is NaNoWriMo,I seem to have lapsed into one of those people who just can't seem to find the time to write. What happened to that person who would say, hey, if I REALLY want to write, I will find the time?

Well, I can tell you what has happened. I let real life get in the way. But I can say that I now know the bliss of actually putting my writing before anything else - except the necessity of working full time with a two and a half hour daily commute - before my writing.

So much has happened in the past week and a half since I finished NaNoWrimo:
  • Two work Christmas parties
    Anderson and Danielle
  • Day to day living with my two grandchildren, for one of whom, it is his very first Christmas
  • Going to the airport at midnight to pick up our adopted 'Prodigal Daughter' who has been on walkabout around the world for nearly five years
  • Catching up with friends - an annual Christmas time flurry of coffees and lunches, talk fests, and promises to not just do it once a year
  • Digging through the old shed for the Christmas tree and decoration
  • Christmas shopping (albeit online this year), wrapping gifts
  • Spending quality time at a sleepover with my 93 year old mother and my two dogs
  • Attending the Queensland Writers Centre Christmas party and rubbing shoulders with many of the best authors and writers in the country, enjoying their company, and making new writing acquaintances
  • Planning a holiday for early next year to Cambodia and Thailand, accompanied by fellow author Matt T. Dillon
  • and, last night, watching the moon as it turned red for the lunar eclipse.

My 93 yo Mum, Olive Dillon (nee Clark) and Karob
My life seems to be back in the 'normal' zone, whatever that is. But NaNoWriMo, whilst challenging, allowed me to see that 'normal' is chaotic, noisy, expensive, stressful, and emotionally draining. I think that, if I could, I would live in the wonderful, peaceful, self-realising world of NaNoWriMo all year long.

Hmm, maybe that should be my New Year's resolution this year?
Little Santa - Anderson 8 months old
Karob, my little Moodle

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